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Chances are that if you heard about Wet n Wild brand, you've heard at least about their Comfort Zone palette and Megalast lipsticks. I've reviewed the latter and compared some alleged dupes with Mac lipsticks here, and now come the palettes. These are definitely some of the best drugstore eyeshadows I've tried and I get why they are so popular. 


Comfort Zone is incredibly popular and highly rated, actually even Temptalia gave it a high mark and she mostly deals with high end makeup. I never gave this palette much attention. It's the green side that bothers me, I just like the palette to be completely neutral, but actually, apart from that "eyelid" green one, all shades are neutral. Now that I've tried the palette, I completely get the hype. This palette has insane pigmentation and the eyeshadows truly are high quality. It's hyped up for a reason and not just because it contains a supposed dupe for Mac's Club.

Texture: Eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented, buttery and blend so well. They do sometimes flake a bit under the brush when you're trying to pick up colours, but so far I haven't experienced any fall out. 

Colours: There are eight eyeshadows in the palette, which is just such a bargain, especially considering how much it costs. It's separated into two theme parts, the neutral bronzy-coppery brown and mossy green.

Left side
BROWBONE: a warm vanilla with silver shimmer. It's a bit too yellow for my liking, but it works an inner corner highlighter
EYELID: neutral, light copper shade with a satin finish. Classically pretty, but I don't wear it often.
CREASE: a gorgeous brown-gold shade with a satin finish. Fantastic shade in my books, a bit like mixing Mac's Patina, Urban Decay Smog and L'Oreal's 21 Sahara Treasure. I would pick up this palette just for this shade.
DEFINING: a dark brown shade with red shimmer. It looks almost black on the skin, so it's dark for the crease, but great along the lashes.

Right side
BROWBONE: a greyish gold champagne shade with a satin finish. A very unique looking shade to me.
EYELID: green with yellowish hue. It's least pigmented in the palette.
CREASE: dark green-grey shade with green shimmer. It looks almost black on the eyes and it's most crumbly in the palette.
DEFINING: a duochrome shade that looks emerald green when heavily layered, but blended out it looks reddish-brown. People have been saying for years that it's a dupe for Mac's Club. Knowing Mac eyeshadows, I suspect Wet n Wild's one is even better due to the softer, more creamy texture (Mac's eyeshadows are hard, but still have a decent payoff, though nothing like Urban Decay, Too Faced and Wet n Wild). The duochrome effect is much stronger in real life than n my pictures.
Look with the left "crease" shade on the lids and left "definer" shade along the lashes. Jordana Matte lipstick in Nude on the lips.

Green look: Right "eyelid" shade and right "crease" shade in the corners. Reddish-brown look: right "definer" shade a.k.a Club's dupe. The duochrome effect is much, much stronger in person, but my camera couldn't pick it up.

Staying power: The last nicely pretty much all day on my lids. There is some minor creasing on my normal lids, but nothing too terrible.

Packaging: Simple plastic, the closing system holds well, but the packaging isn't anything exciting. Added are a mini brush and applicator, which is of course of a poor quality.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic where it costs 5.99 €. I got it to swatch for their website.


While Comfort Zone is super popular, I must admit I haven't heard much about Silent Treatment, actually about trios in general, but I can assure you that the quality isn't much different. I love the colour selection in this palette and the "eyelid" shade is a treasure on its own. 

Texture: These are a bit less creamy than those in comfort Zone, but still highly pigmented and very blendable. I haven't experienced any fall out at these, but through the day, shimmer does tend to travel like at most shimmery shades.

Top "Browbone" colour is a shimmery pink shade. I wish it were matte because it's would work better as a base, but I can use it as a subtle inner corner highlight. It's nicely pigmented, though the colour is very skin-like on me.
Middle "Crease" colour is deep reddish brown with red shimmer. Like two darkest shades in the Comfort Zone, it's basically almost black on the skin, which makes it almost too pigmented for the crease and I use it very moderately. 
Bottom "Eyelid" shade is the true gem in this selection. It's a medium taupe with slight violet tones and it has a lovely satin finish. It's very pigmented, blends lovely and I just love wearing this also on its own because it's a true one-wash wonder.

All shades used, but the crease colour us applied very lightly because it was too pigmented for this look. On the lips it's Milani's Amore Lip Creme in Gorgeous.

Staying power: It's very similar to Comfort Zone, so great with almost no creasing at the end of the day. Trust me when I tell you that these have such a high rating on majority of websites for a reason.

Packaging: Pretty basic, plastic, the closing system works well and it has both the applicator and a mini brush.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic (I got it to swatch for the website), where it costs 3.99 €.

Have a great day!
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