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I've known about Megalast lipsticks almost since I discovered the online beauty community. These have been popular for so many years and I've come close to ordering on many occasions, but stopped short every time. I finally had the chance to try these myself and I got six shades, which are a mix of the original selection and the updated one. 

Texture: I've heard good and bad things about these, but I did not expect them to be so good. They very, very thick, but still creamy enough and particularly the light shades apply evenly in one swipe. I keep them in a fairly warm room, so that might be the reason for their good performance and I've experienced no problems with any tugging or chalky-dry texture, so these work great for me. However, I finally had a chance to give it my friend to try, who is more sensitive to dry textures and she says these are so drying to her (it still applied smoothly. Shade Just Peachy by the way), so I can definitely see why some people describe them as dry. They are thick and don't have such a smooth feeling texture like Jordana's Matte lipsticks for example, so they end up being on the heavy side and slightly sticky on the lips. My lips are never dry and these are fine to me, but if you're concerned these will dry your lips, I suggest reading more reviews and then decide based on all different opinions. I should probably just stop assessing the dryness factor at lipsticks, since I started considering myself as a very wrong person to do it. The finish varies between the shades, but it's mostly satin or satin-matte with a slight creamy sheen. Purty Persimmon has the shiniest finish.

A lot of the shades are frequently compared to Mac colours and described as dupes. I have a very high standard of what constitutes a dupe, mainly because I am so pale that minor differences show up more on me and I don't think these are quite there, but they are very, very close. I have pictures with each shade on one half of the lips under individual reviews of the shades, but here are side by side swatches on my arm, which is approximately NC/W10.


Bare it All is a beige nude shade that is a alleged dupe for Mac's Velvet Teddy. I was concerned this will look brown on me, but it's very wearable and I think can pull it off just fine. It's not chalky-looking despite the fact it's light and it's creamy, so I can apply it in one swipe. Not mine comparison swatch with Velvet Teddy here.


Just Peachy is a beautiful light peachy-pink shade. I was very worried about this one looking white-based orange, but it's seriously so pretty on the lips. It has just the right amount of pink and that is very rare when it comes to peachy-pinks. I assume that it will look more pink on medium skin tones, also more white-base-looking. I've worn this one most out of all and it wears off ok. It's doesn't leave a stain, but since it's a light shade, you can't really see that it fades uneven. 


Purty Persimmon is an orange red and a very similar shade to Mac's Lady Danger. I have the side by side comparison below. The formula is different than at others, but this is one of the shades that was added to the line later. It's sheerer and it has a more shiny finish, but it's easy to get a fully opaque coat of colour with a couple of layers. 

Purty Persimmon on the left and Lady Danger on the right. Purty Persimmon is sheerer, less pigmented and less matte, but they are close enough.


Sugar Plum Fairy is a dark purple pink. It's probably the most known shade in the Megalast range, mostly due to being dubbed as "The" dupe for MAC's Rebel. I have a side by side comparison of both below. It's again very pigmented with a satin-matte finish and I don't find it drying, but I was once advised not to get this shade because it's super thick. While that is indeed the case, I don't find it hard to work with on me, but the application isn't as smooth as at other shades. This one leaves a very strong stain behind, which is the best I've seen in any product ever, as it's very even and fades nicely. This shade tends to look very different of various skin tones. On me it leans more strongly to purple, but I've seen it looking more pink on a lot of other people.  

Sugar Plum Fairy on the left and Rebel on the right. Sugar Plum Fairy is more purple and matte.


Ravin' Rasin is a medium cool greyish purple shade. I'm not feeling this one on me, it's simply too purple and draining grey, but I've seen swatches of some people on who this shade looked a lot more mauve-pink. 


Cherry Bomb is a dark vampy burgundy red and very similar to Mac's Diva, only even a bit darker. If you're looking for a cheap vampy shade, look no further. 

Black Cherry on the left and Diva on the right. Black Cherry is darker, less red. 

Staying power: At the lightest two shades you can't really see that well how they wear off, but it's slightly patchy. No biggie, though. Dark shades leave an intense stain. Sugar Plum Fairy leaves a very intense and even stain, which looks very beautiful, but pretty much all such shades leave a stain, just like Rebel and its other supposed dupes.

Scent: These have not definitive scent. It looks like they just kept the original scent, which varies from shade to shade and not try to cover it up.

Packaging: If I thought the packaging of Jordana lipsticks was terrible, this is even worse. The cheap plastic that scratches very easily, the tightly closed cap that requires a lot of force for it to open, which in turn dents the lipstick since it doesn't go all the way into a tube. These are messy in no time. You'd think that after so many years on the market, they'd change them. 

Price and availability: Mine are from Click2Chic where they cost 2.99 € (I got them to swatch for their website). I think price is about the same at other places. Some Croatian DM's have these, but because the packaging of these lipsticks is so bad, the testers are very messy. For international readers, online I know of and 

Have a great day!
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