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I'll start with the eyeliners. I finally got the chance to see the Essence 50's Reloaded TE. I was super excited about the lipsticks and eyeliners, and honestly both left me a bit disappointed. Quality-wise lipsticks looked great in a sense that they felt very moisturising,  but the lighter shade looked completely orange on me (the red one was cute, but I prefer my Manhattan Soft mat lipcream).  I passed on the lipsticks and decided to get only the eyeliner and one nail polish. The eyeliner is in the shade 03 Love Me Tender and the colour is gorgeous. It's a dupe for ArtDeco 245 eyeshadow that I love so much. But this is where the excitement ends. The quality is just rubbish. I barely get any colour on the lid (and you can't just forget about the waterline) and it's so hard. So I have to heat the tip with a lighter to make it more manageable, but still it's a big disappointment.
Second eyeliner I bought is the s-he stylezone khol kajal in 012 which is a gold shade. Again another disappointment. Although it's softer than the Essence one, it's still barely shows up. Just don't bother.

 As you can see both failed the smudge test:

Blistex Lip Relief Cream is a great lip balm. I find it really moisturising and it tingles after application. It leaves a bit of a white cast on the lips, but I like that. Currently I'm loving the combination of E.l.f. Runway pink topped with Blistex. 

Nail polished I picked up has the same name as the eyeliner. Love Me Tender is a frosty silver with a touch of old gold tones, but mostly it just looks silver. The bottle is quite big as it holds an impressive 15 ml of product (well done Essence!). I get almost full coverage with one coat and it dries pretty quickly.

Here is how it looked on my nails the second day after application with no base or top coat. (This picture was taken at the altitude of about 2000 m (about 6500 ft) and that is Mangart in the background.)

The last thing is my absolute favourite purchase in a while. It's one of the Lush powders called Silky Underwear. The scent is just gorgeous, I smell mostly jasmine. It's a great thing to have in this heat since it absorbs moisture (all thought you could use just plain baby powder). There are many ways of using this powder, I suggest reading some reviews on MUA for some ideas, but I use it to absorb the extra moisturiser before I go to bed (it leaves your skin so soft) and I sprinkle a bit on my pillow so it smells nice. On the skin it leaves a subtle but still noticeable fragrance, but I wish it was a bit more powerful. The are a lot of reviewers that complain about the packaging leaking even when shut, but I don't have those problems at all.

 As you can see it's just a plain white powder (with no shimmer, unlike Candy Fluff). Be careful with dark clothes as it leaves white marks.
Have a great day!
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