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1. CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blush
These blushes grabbed my attention the moment I laid my eyes upon them. They look adorable with the beautiful floral relief and I hear it's not just their looks that is spectacular, the creamy-powder hybrid formula is highly praised as well. Peach Pop appeals to me most and perhaps even Berry Pop, though it looks super bright.
I really wanted to see them in person when I went to Müller a week ago, but it appears Slovenia is late to the party yet again. Boots international has them for £16.50 (about 20.6 €).

2. DIOR ADDICT Fluid Stick and MAYBELLINE Color Elixir Lip Color 
 I used to own loads of lip gloss, but I have since completely switched to lipsticks resulting in a very pathetic lip gloss collection for a beauty enthusiast. These new releases by Maybelline and Dior, which are just a couple of the new takes on very pigmented versions of lip gloss formula, caught my attention. I swatched a few Dior ones in Müller and I really liked them. I already ordered L'Oreal's version, so I can see if I can renew my interest in wearing lip gloss.
Maybelline on eBay for about 9 € with shipping, Dior 33.80€ on Feel Unique (I think it's cheaper in Müller), L'Oreal £8.99 on Boots.

3. MAYBELLINE New York Fit Me Concealer
People seem to really love this budget concealer and praise it highly. I heard that the creamy formula is nice for using both under the eyes as well as on individual spots. It's not sold in our drugstores (can't say I'm surprised) and the last time I was in Croatia they didn't have the shade 15, so I couldn't at least test the shade, but I think I'll order it online anyway.
7.79 € on Feel Unique, 7.10 € on Salma.

4. MAX FACTOR False Lash Effect Waterproof and BOURJOIS Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Waterproof
I really need to try more drugstore waterproof mascaras, though I'm not sure that I'll ever find a drugstore formula that is as amazing as Lancôme's, but I'll at least try to. I need something that will hold the curl all day and these two are on the top of my list to try out of the mascaras available here.
Both about 13-14 € in Müller/DM, Bourjois 12.49 € on HqHair.

5.FRUCTIS Miraculous Oil, GARNIER Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Argan oil and The Sleek Perfector Oil
I've taken an interest in drugstore silicones-oils and while most have "lame" ingredients, Garnier Fructis stands out for being, well, actually surprisingly good. There is Argan oil in it and not just in trace amounts, but placed third on the ingredients list. Isabelle from Nails & Cupcakes says it's the best budget oil for hair. From what I can tell by glancing the INCI list, these three have pretty much the same ingredients in the same order, though two of them claim to have heat protection (amazing what companies do nowadays - change the packaging, write some added bonus and offer a new version, but do nothing to the original formula, except maybe change the scent. Bravo!). Nonetheless, one of these will be mine, the first one I see in the shop.
About 10 € in Müller, £6.66 on Boots (offer).

6. OJON Revitalizing Mist
When someone raves about a hair product, I'm like: yeah, I'm gonna need some of that. Alix from I Covet Thee says that she loves this for taming frizzy hair and to give the hair a boost of moisture, so I really want to try it. Plus I hear it smells great as well.
€26.04 on Look Fantastic.

7. BALEA Duche & Creme Strawberry and Passion Fruit
I know, I know, who in their right mind thinks and plans which shower gel they'll get next. Well, I do. I see new releases by Balea on their Facebook page and as soon as I saw they are adding a passion fruit version to their selection of shower gels, I noted to myself that I need to try it. I haven't seen it in our DMs yet, but I hope it will reach them soon. Admittedly the formula of these is run of the mill, but my skin isn't particularly demanding and I already adore the Nectarine & Coconut version, so I'm looking forward to trying something new. Another version that caught my attention is the strawberry one, which I sneakily took a sniff of during my last time in DM and I loved it.
0.99€ in DM.

8. L'OCCITANE Shower Oil Jenipapo
I'm often expressed my undying devotion (exaggerating much?) to L'Occitane's Almond Shower oil that has been in my bathroom stash continuously since 2007 (I buy eco-refills). The formula of it is out of this world good and the scent is just one of the best things ever. L'Occitane launched a new version with the same formula, but a tropical scent. To be frank, they had me at mango. One tropical paradise shower goodness, please!
18.30 € in L'Occitane (damn the price's gone up!).

9. KÉRASTASE Elixir Ultime Creme Fine
I heard a few bloggers say that this is fantastic and given that it's from my favourite hair brand, I'm sure they are right. It's a moisturiser for hair that helps with dryness, adds shine and smooths flyaways. I just hope it's an improved version of Phyto 9 as I hear it supposedly doesn't leave any residue on the hair.
33.29 € on HqHair (150 ml), 33.90 on Salma.

10. KÉRASTASE Nutritive Irisome Touche Perfection
I recently gushed about how amazing Nutritive line is for my dry, rebellious hair and this is one of the new additions to the line. It's a finishing cream that is supposed to be used on dry hair any time the hair feels dry. However, the price is ridiculous for a mere 40 ml tube, so I think this will just stay on my wishlist unless I find oil in my back yard.
 33.29 € on HqHair, 27.40 € on Salma.

11. REAL TECHNIQUES Travel Essentials Kit
After buying the blush brush, I'm really craving more Real Techniques brushes in my collection. They are seriously good. Actually I'm not that interested in the foundation brush, but I'd love to have the other two - the multitask brush and domed shadow brush.
24.95 € on Moja Drogerija, 18$ on iHerb.

Have a great day!
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