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1. CATRICE Defining Blush 
015 Pink Charming, 025 Pink feat. Coral and  090 Mandy-rine
It finally happened - Catrice released more shades of their fabulous Defining Blushes *angels singing*. These are at the very top of my favourite formulas, but their range was so limited that only two colours truly appealed to me. But now, there are four new shades available and I'm interested in these three. I'm so excited that they released a peachy-pink shade and a swatch of Mandy-rine on Beauty Palmira, promises it is a winner as well.
Müller, DM 3.79 €.

2. CATRICE Nude Illusion Foundation
I've heard some great things about how wonderful this foundation looks on the skin and it was even compared to the Giorgio Armani Liquid Silk foundation. Since I just used up one of my foundations (quite unexpectedly, actually), I might try this one next. From online swatches I saw that the lightest shade looks neutral, which suits me very well, I just hope it's light enough. If you're interested here are two reviews: by Lovely Girlie Bits  and by Total Makeup Addict.
Müller, DM 7.69 €.
3. TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler Shaun The Sheep
I've owned the original black Tangle Teezer for six years and I must admit the launch of the new compact stylers a couple of years ago left me cold as I didn't really "get" them, until I saw my cousin pull out one out from her handbag. I honestly think that these are better than the originals. They are smaller, look a billion times better made and have a handy cover, so very travel friendly. Not to mention how adorable the Shaun the Sheep back is.
All Beauty 11.9 €, Salma 13.27 €.

4. Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme by HUGO BOSS
Is it just me or does Boss just own the simple, office appropriate shampoo-type of scents market? I'm already a massive fan of the original Boss Nuit Pour Femme and this one is a recently released version. It reminds me of a shampoo with a slightly tropical scent and to me it smells very soft, modern and feminine. Notes on Fragnantica.
Műller, 49.79 - 69.99 €
5. CATRICE Ultimate Colour 360 MATTraction
No, I'm not quite finished with Catrice, actually I think their latest new products are a very good bunch, even though I'm getting really tired of Catrice and Essence switching everything up all the time and discontinuing everything in their path. I saw a swatch of the new matte lipsticks on Beauty Palmira and the pinky-red MATTraction really caught my eye because it looks just like my type of shade.
Müller, DM 4.19 €

6. CATRICE Illuminating Blush 020 Coral Me Maybe
This blush looks so pretty and though I'm a bit afraid that illumination means it has chunks of shimmer in it, I remain hopeful that I'm wrong as the colour looks so beautiful. I hope the formula is as good as that of Defining blushes. There are three shades of these blushes available.
Müller, DM, 3.99€.

7. URBAN DECAY Naked2 Basics
As overblown as the Naked series is to the point that it bores me every time a new item is released, I must admit that the launch Naked2 Basic palette appeals to me greatly. The original Basic is a true treasure and my most used palette, in fact, it has converted me from a non-eyeshadow girl to someone who wears eye makeup regularly. The new one again looks like it has some brilliant matte taupe shades, which are right up my alley.
8. TRESEMMÉ Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Shampoo
When someone raves about a hair product it just gets stuck in my head and I need to try it. I've heard praises about this shampoo, particularly about how it makes the hair look smoother and less frizzy. I really can't resist that, can I?
Boots, £5.99.

9. CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm
I wasn't such a fan of the chubby sticks for the lips fad, but the blushes I can get along with. Any blush that sounds simple to apply gets my attention and I think the concept is kind of cool, even though I actually already have a similar product that I rarely use. The coral shade Robust Rhubarb in particular caught my attention and I'm pleased to hear they have more of a matte finish.

10. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/Uv Protective Primer
I suspect this is very, very similar to Orofluido Sahara (a spray hair oil with UV) and though I already love that one that doesn't discourage me from wanting to try Bumble & Bumble's version. Honestly, I'd just like to try more of Bumble & Bumble products and this one sounds like it fits my needs and preferences when it comes to hair care.
Look Fantastic, 24.13 €.
11. L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Mythic Oil Séve Protectrice
I never tried anything from the Mythic Oil range. For some unknown reason I just think that L'Oreal Professional brand is not as good as the rest more expensive hair brands, I'm sure I am wrong. But this intrigued me, even though it's basically just a silicone cream infused with that provides heat protection. I've read a couple of good reviews and obviously, now I want to try it. Actually, what I'm still hoping to find is better version of Phyto 9, so one that has silicones. 
All Beauty, 16.04 €
Have a great day!
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