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1. L'OREAL Collection Exclusive Lipsticks Pure Reds
in Laetitia and Blake
This is on the very top of my wishlist, especially the Laetitia shade, which is a gorgeous deep burgundy colour, while Blake is a glamorous cherry red. I swatched both and compared them with some other shades in this Instagram photo. I think the finish of both of these is almost matte or creamy-matte, which is just up my alley. I need these in my life.
Drugstores,  around 13 €.

2.  MAYBELLINE Color Drama Lipstick
in Berry Much and Red Essential
Everyone talks about how these are a nice drugstore alternative to the NARS' Velvet Pencils, so naturally I'm intrigued. I sneakily already ordered Berry Much since Boots has a 3 for 2 offer at the moment (a little tip for you), but I'm still waiting for package. If happen to like these, I'm also interested in the shade called Red Essential, which is supposedly very similar to NARS' Cruella.

3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
in Siberia
You may have seen in my latest New in that I purchased a new Rimmel foundation that fits me so well in terms of shade, but the formula is so hard to work with. Since I'm so fed up with crappy, very light foundations that I put up with purely for the shade, I think it's finally time that I take the plunge and get the highly praised Sheer Glow in the lightest shade called Siberia. It's going to be painful to fork out so much money for a foundation, but I feel like I have no other choice, since almost every drugstore brand refuses to make a really light shade (why am I being punished for being naturally pale?).
HqHair, 39 €.

4. ESSENCE Colour & Go
in 167 Candy Love and 175 Be Berry Now!
After being blown away by the quality of Colour & Go line, I asked you in that review, which shades you like. Katja from Viva La Vida recommended Candy Love, which based on her swatch looks amazing - I love full coverage nude shades. The other, Be Berry Now, I found by checking the swatches of all the nail polishes and it's the colour I'm so into at the moment, a purple-red shade a.k.a. berry (I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it). Both should end up in my shopping basket very soon.
Drugstores, 1.67 €.

5. ESSIE Nail Polish 
in Bahama Mama 
I've heard so many people say that Bahama Mama is their favourite autumnal shade and it's a shade that has intrigued me for a while now. It looks like a beautiful deep berry shade, again a colour I'm really into at the moment. I'm kind of hoping for a discount soon in DM. Swatch here (tell me it looks like this?).
DM, 9.99 €.

6. DEBORAH MILANO Smalto Gel Effect 
in 01 
Yes, another nail polish. I don't think I ever wanted so many new nail polishes. I saw this on Zlatana's blog and it immediately went on my wishlist. It reminds me of Essie's Spin the Bottle, so it's again an opaque nude shade that looks very classy on the nails.  
Drugstores, about 5 €.

7. BOURJOIS Lévres Contour Edition 
in T02 Cotton Candy
I've recently spoken about Catrice's lip liners and my thirst for more liners hasn't been quite quenched yet. I swatched this in the shop and it's a very cute pinky-natural shade. I also tried the shade T01, but my cousin and I established that shades like that don't suit me, nonetheless it's a beautiful colour for the 90's trend.
Drugstores, about 6 € or Feel Unique,7.14 €.

8. CLARINS Instant Eye Make Up Remover
I still have a generous sample of this and it's so good. I use waterproof mascara practically daily and my current rubbish drugstore removers aren't doing their job. This removes mascara and eye liner with ease, it doesn't make my vision foggy, isn't super greasy and it smells so lovely. But the price is just extortion, though as I said in my original review, I find I use a lot less of it than at cheaper removers.
Müller, about 20 €.

9. CHARLES WORTHINGTON Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray
I heard this is a dupe for Oribe Texturising Spray, though I must admit I'm reluctant to believe that. But even if it's just a similar enough product, I'm intrigued by it, since I like using such products right after I've curled my hair as I find it makes them look better. I actually already ordered it (remember 3 for 2?), I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

10. EMMA HARDIE 4 Piece Starter Kit
I saw this offer thanks to Almu from Feel Bella and I didn't even hesitate to place an order, especially since it was an additional 10 % off (I'm basically just sharing this offer with you before it's too late). It contains Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (50 ml),  Amazing Face Age Support Cream (15ml), Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth and a wash bag. I'm not going to say it's a generous offer because I don't' find it is, however, I wanted to try the Cleansing Balm for so long, but under no circumstances am I ready to fork out almost 50 € for a pot, especially since I might end up with a full size product that I may not even end up liking. I'm looking forward to trying this.
Feel Unique, 27.30 €.

Just look at how adorable are these! There are obviously duping Lush stuff, but trying to stay at a more reasonable price range, which I appreciate a lot, especially considering Lush's prices in Slovenia are just not normal (as if I'm going to pay 6 € for something that fizzes out in 5 minutes, though I admit these aren't the cheapest either, they are lot more reasonably priced). I think these look even cuter, especially the snow man bath bomb (Chilly Willy, smells like cinnamon), the cupcake bath (Milk & Honey), the ice cream sundae bath bomb (Cherry Bathe Well, smells like cherries, cookies, coconut and white chocolate), the heart shaped massage bar (Summer Honey) and that Honey Bee looking dupe (Goodnight Honey). They have some great looking gifts as well.
Click2Chic, starting at 2.93 €, Official site (UK) with a list of retailers.

Have a great day!
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