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1. MILANI Rose Powder Blush
I had my eye on these for so long, but I didn't like the original colours, so I'm happy that they came out with more, though I hear they are LE. There are several shades I'd love to have, but I think that American Beauty Rose and Blossoming Rose look most like my type of colour. Knowing myself I actually think I'd be afraid to use them because I wouldn't want to destroy the gorgeous pattern and I think wouldn't be the only one.
Milani EU, currently 7.73 €; Click2Chic, 10.46 €

2. TOO FACED Love Flush Blush
Another set of blushes that I just find so adorable. The heart shaped design was a stroke of genius, though it's been done before, but these are the first I'd like to try because of the formula. I'm not sure which shade to get yet, maybe something in the peachy-pink range  (How Deep is your Love? or Love Hangover) or something nude (Baby Love). These are quite expensive and I don't even know where to get them yet that they would ship to Slovenia, but there's no hurry.
Too Faced, $26.00

3. HUGO BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme
I used up four fragrances in the past month and a half (can I get a high five?), so I deserve a new one. I have three on my priority list, one is L'Occitane's Peony which I cannot get out of my head, but it was in my last wishlist post, the second is Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka, but that one is very beachy and the third one is Ma Vie, which I also mentioned in one of my wishlists beforeand it's a lovely fruity-floral scent that reminds me of a shampoo, so it's very easy to wear on all occasions.  
Salma, 38.60 € - 47.60 €

4. THE BALM The Manizer Sisters
I was going to include just Mary-Lou here, but then I saw the news of this release and it's just the best idea ever. I have one powder highlighter and even that was gifted to me by the queen of highlighters Petra (thank you again) because she found it too pink for her, so I don't have the best selection of undertones, like something gold. Everyone and their mother is raving about Mary-Lou and though I'm concerned it'd be too gold for me, I want that glow, which is a bit strange coming out of my mouth, but I don't want to do subtle highlighting all the time. The palette contains all three the Balm highlighters, the original Mary-Lou Manizer, the pink and probably more of a blush for me Cindy-Lou Manizer and the bronzy Betty-Lou Manizer. If I won't be able to find this palette anywhere, I'll probably just get Mary-Lou one day.
The Balm, $28

5. MAKEUP FACTORY Mat Lip Fluid Longlasting 
61 Velvet Rosewood
I found this randomly once in Műller and it's been on my mind ever since. It's that popular rose-marsala shade that is everywhere this year, but I don't have anything like it. I swatched it next to Bourjois Nude-ist, which is one of my favourite lip colour ever, and it's darker and less pink, but in the same colour family. The formula dried very matte and I love a good mate finish.  
Müller, 11.95 € (price in Germany)

6. ZOEVA Rose Gold Complete Eye Set
I am in a desperate need of new eye brushes. I'm serious. All of mine are those that were a couple of dollars online or euros in drugstores and they are all so old, I'm embarrassed to tell you (bought way before my blog), plus a lot of them started feeling scratchy. Plus I don't' even have a lot of them. I have three"fancy" brushes that are from Mac - 239, 217 and 219, but they are again super old and they aren't enough. I hear a lot of great things about Zoeva and though the prices are way, way too high for what I'd normally be prepared to pay, I might do something totally out of character and get a set of them. These new Rose Gold ones caught my attention because they are drop dead gorgeous and that is that little plus that might make me want to open my wallet more willingly, I just hope that when I finally make up my mind, I won't discover they are gone.  
Zoeva, 65 €; Moja Drogerija, 68.85 €.

7. MILANI Color Statement Lipstick 
Matte Passion
I hear that this is a good dupe for Lady Danger, which I only have a sample of, but I wear it frequently in the summer, so I'd like to have a proper lipstick in this shade. I'm also really interested in what the formula is like as I just love matte finishes.
Milani EU 5.56 €; Click2Chic, 6.83 €

8. HEALTY SEXY HAIR Soy Renewal Creme Oil
I'm a massive fan of the Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In, it's a product I use every time I wash my hair and it really makes a difference in how long my hair stays hydrated. I heard that this is actually an even better product for dry hair like mine, basically it's an upgrade and of course, I'm itching to try it, but it's ridiculously expensive, almost twice as much as the leave-in conditioner. I'm hoping that it'll be cheaper around Christmas.
Beauty Bay, £20.48

9. MA PROVENCE Shampoing solide bio Anti-pelliculaire
solid anti-dandruff shampoo
I'm currently without any anti-dandruff products, so I'm again on the search for something new to try. I'm not a fan of natural shampoos at all, but Monika from Sugarlove blog says this helped her a lot, so it's worth a try. It's a shampoo bar and I never tried one in solid form, so this will be interesting to test, but I do have my concerns about it being drying. It's very expensive for something that I'm not a 100 % sure I'll like or that'll work, so I'm still putting off actually purchasing it.
DM, 8-9 €

10. L'OCCITANE Pivoine Flora Bi-phase Bath Oil
I found this on my recent visit of L'Occitane's online shop, where I like to look at the Peony fragrance and weep in my keyboard about the price, but I had no idea that such a product existed. From what I can gather it's bath oil made out of two phases and it turns milky white in the bath, but I think I can use this as a shower oil, like the almond one. I'm basically interested in it mostly for the gorgeous peony scent.
L'Occitane. 20.30 €

11. BALEA Dushe & Creme Hibiskus & Nectarine
I knew Balea wouldn't just completely stop doing product with nectarine scent as it was to good not to use it somewhere. You might remember the shower gel in the coconut-nectarine combination, so now they swapped coconut with hibiscus. We'll see how this works out.
DM, probably 0.99 €

12. BARRY M Nail Paint 
292 Navy
I asked on Instagram what nail polish would be similar to the long discontinued Essence's Deep Blue Sea, which is one of the most perfect deep blues with blue frost and I got a reply from Katja (Nail2Express) that Barry M's Navy should fit the bill. And she knows her stuff. I tried buying it on Boots International already, but the site was so glitchy or this was actually out of stock, so I couldn't add it to the bag. I will get it one way or another, mark my words.
Boots International, £2.99

BALEA Mizellen Reinigungs Wasser
Micellar Cleansing Water
Picture here.
Two new exciting launches are coming to DMs, I just don't know if also in Slovene ones, but Balea made a micellar water (two versions) and a cleansing oil. I've seen first reviews of the oil and it's supposedly good, but you end up using it a lot. I might give it a try, but I'll definitely try the one of the micellar waters.
DM, price for micellar water to be announced, the oil will cost 2.45€

BALEA Pflegecreme Best Wishes
Picture here.
New versions of Pfelegecreme are already available in Germany. One is with an orange-grapefruit scent and the other with violet-freesia scent. I'd like to get both, but the citrus one is a priority. 
DM, here presumably 1.19 €, but it's 0.95 € in Germany. 

Have a great day!
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