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Plum Rose 
PF Butter Bronzer is one of the most hyped products in the past year, but I'm holding back because let face it, I'll wear it for a month and then forget about it when something new and shiny comes along because I don't even wear bronzers. But blushes are a different story. I hear raves about the creamy formula and pina colada(ish) scent, plus I've rarely been disappointed by a PF product and I have a decent collection, so I'm sure this is great too. I'm interested the shade Plum Rose despite hearing it's very pale, but that's what I want now - something natural and barely there. I'm waiting for it to appear on iHerb.
Physicians Formula 12.95 $

THEBALM Balm Springs & Balm Beach Blushes 
I need this, especially Balm Springs. I adore theBalm blushes and I find they are some of the best out there, though the price tag is a bit steep. I have Hot Mama and Frat Boy, which are both coral shades and I don't wear them as often because of that, while Balm Springs looks like my type of blush, so similar to Milani's Romantic Rose and Trend it Up 050. I'm not that sure about Balm Beach, since it's more peachy looking, but it still looks like something I'd wear. 
Cloud 10, 19.95 €

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation 
100 Warm Ivory
To be fair, I want the American version of Matte + Poreless in a glass packaging because they have shade 110 Porcelain which is the best match I found, but only these tube versions are sold in Europe and are much easier to get. Thanks to Petra from Adjusting Beauty who swatched Fit Me Luminous + Smooth 110 (the one I own) and Matte & Poreless 100 Warm Ivory for me, I now know the shades are completely different (don't order 110 in the tube, it's much darker. Update: I was wrong. I bought shade 110 in our drugstores, so lightest on our shelves and it's maybe a shade darker than 110 in Luminous range. It fits me ok. I'll have a review with all the swatches) and 100 is a passable match, though a bit darker than Luminous 110 and pinker. Still we don't have this shade in our drugstores (makes sense, right?) and I'll have to order online. They have it in Austria though, as well as Luminous 110 Porcelain in a glass bottle.
Available in drugstores, but not this shade, 8.95 €| Salma, 5.58 € | Boots International £6.99

STILA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick 
L'Oreal Color Riche in Blake is by far my favourite red, but I dropped a lamp on it while taking pictures (I know, I know. The challenges of beauty blogging), so it's a bit deformed and I discovered it's not sold anymore. Besides I want a liquid version instead and I've checked every liquid lipstick line for swatches looking for a cool toned red and Fiery looks closest to Blake, so it's at the top of my wishlist. I actually went through the entire drugstore swatching every red next to Blake and I only found one dupe - Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous 99 Pirate, which unfortunately has a creamy finish and a hefty price tag. 
Look Fantastic, €18.45

OLYMPEA Intense Paco Rabanne
I love the original Olympea and it's one of my favourite fragrances ever, but the Aqua version was just too bitter fresh from the start for me, however, this Intense version is almost better than the original. They left out jasmine, which is very strong in the latter, so at the Intense version the warm notes are much more prominent. It's a warmer, more cosy version of the original, but you'll still recognise it as Olympea.  I'm dreaming about this one, but I'm not yet ready to spend that much for a new fragrance.
Fragrance Direct, €46.74 | Salma, 61.90 € (30 ml)

AVON Mark Gel Nail Polish 
Rain Washed
Pale pastel blues are my kryptonite, but those that are a bit less vibrant and more "cloudy" looking are completely my jam. I adore L'Oreal's Les Blancs 858 Ocean Porcelain and this looks similar, so naturally I covet it, but when it comes to nail polishes I always hesitate to buy them because I find painting my nails such a chore. 
Avon, 6.5 €

SECRET KEY Pink Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Cheek Patch or PETITFEE Black Pearl Gold Eye Patch
I tried the Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel mask and it was great at temporarily plumping up the skin, consequently making fine lines less obvious. So I want to get the patches and use them every day. These two are the prime candidate to try and I'll probably buy both, but not at the same time, since I hear you need to use them up quickly.
Secret Key: TesterKorea, 11.51 € | Petitfee: iHerb €9.02

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++
ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ / PA+++, 
NIVEA Sunscreen Sun Protect Plus UV Milky Essence SPF50+ PA++++ or 
A'PIEU Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Daily SPF 45 PA+++ 
Skinfood 10 Solution just wasn't what I wanted, so I'm looking for a new, very light sunscreen. I've mentioned BiorĂ© in my previous wishlist and the 2015 version is still as the top of my wishlist, so I'll try to find a tube on eBay. However, these are my extra picks based on my research and recommendations from others if I don't find Biore, or I get the 2017 version which I might not like or I find Biore drying. I'm drawn most to Missha, since I hear it's a great base for makeup.  
EH, TesterKorea, € 8.26 | Nivea, eBay, $12.79 | A'Pieu, eBay, $7.82 | Missha: Jolse, $ 10.61

BANILA CO. Clean It Zero Purity
I'm currently without a cleansing balm and I heard a ton of good feedback about Banila's, plus it's reasonably priced. The original is mineral oil based, the latter tends to clog my pores, so I picked Purity version instead, though two more exist, Radiance and Resveratrol (for oily skin).
Tester Korea,  €16.51

L’OREAL EverFresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub Rinse-Out Hair Treatment
After Matrix discontinued their brilliant ScalpSynch scrub, I'm looking for a replacement. I've already bought Matrix Sugar Shine, but that's not meant as an anti-dandruff treatment, just as a detox system and it's basically just sugar in glycerine (it works though). L'Oreal's green version is probably the worst product I even bought because it only added a layer of product on my scalp and the beads don't even wash off, so I'm placing my hopes in this EverFresh version. I've heard conflicting reviews, but I don't really care, I'll still try it because it's not uncommon my hair likes thing that aren't that well received. I haven't seen it in the shops yet.
‎9.99 $

Mandelic Acid Brightening, L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening, Skin Clarifying Astringent & Hello Kitty Black Pearl Brightening
I went of a research binge for sheet masks that do something more than just moisturise and these were the cheapest recommendations, especially Mandelic Acid and L-Ascorbic Acid are said to brighten a lot. Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask is praised for skin that is currently misbehaving and to help with pores. The Hello Kitty one I just want for the packaging, but it's a Black Pearl version and if it's as good as the My Beauty Diary version, I'll love it.
eBay, about 2 $ per piece

MY BEAUTY DIARY Apple Polyphenol Mask
Another one for skin that is misbehaving and supposedly with any breakouts, so I'd love to have it for such situations. I love the Black Pearl version from this brand and I plan to explore this brand more.
eBay, about 2 $ per piece

LOVEMORE Wine Yeast Whitening Mask Sheet
This was recommended to me by reader (can I write your Instagram name?) as a great budget sheet mask, so I'd love to try it. I hear it's got a great brightening effect and those are the types of masks I like most.
eBay, about 2 $ per piece

Though I found the Green tea version just ok, I'm still interested in these Clinic version. I heard some good things about the Vitamin C version as well as the BHA and madecassoside one.
TesterKorea 1.52 €

ESTFOLIO Vitamin Infused High Concentrated Essence Facial Masks
Another brand I've heard some good things about that has inexpensive sheet masks. I might pick up Pearl, Milk and Collagen version.
eBay, 1.8 $

BANOBAGI Vita Genic Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Jelly Facial Mask Pack
More brands no one heard about. I read a rave about these and I actually noticed them because the versions are Vitamin A, B, C and E. They are a bit more expensive than others, but only by a margin. 
eBay, 2.69 $ per piece

What's on your wishlist? Have a great day!
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