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 1. Lush Honey I Washed the Kids
So many people rave about the HIWTK soap, particularly about its caramel-honey scent, so I might buy a bar next time I'm near Lush, though I never actually smelled it (because the shop itself has such a strong fragrance, you can't really smell anything and I rarely go there because I genuinely dislike the pushy service).

2. The Body Shop Honeymania
My heart skipped a beat when I heard the news of Body Shop launching a honey scented collection. There will be a lot of products in this LE line, but I'm mostly interested in the body butter and fragrance. First reviews describe the scent as a mix of floral notes and honey. If only we had the Body Shop in Slovenia! I'll try to find this collection on eBay or if that fails go to Gradz. It hasn't launched (in all countries) yet, but I hear it should sometime this month.
 Ever since I saw the Honeymania collection, I've had this craving for honey scented products. I've tested a few in the shops, but liked none of them (yay for testers! But seriously Burt's Bees scents were such a disappointment). The only one I ever really liked is from L'Occitane, which had such an amazing honey line, but it's discontinued/was LE. I have high hopes for this collection and Lush HIWTK soap.

3. Bourjois Cream Blush
These intrigued me ever since I saw the first post about them. So many people love them and speak highly of its formula, but I'm losing hope that these blushes will ever reach our drugstores. So I'll have to get them from Asos, but I'm not sure about the shade. I would really like to see them in person before buying.

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
I'm not much of an eyeshadow person, but recently I've put more of an effort into wearing some. I prefer matte shades, yet I don't have many in my collection. Maja's review convinced me that this might be a nice palette for me. It's got a nice selection of skin-toned shades that I wear most and I really like that taupe shade. Basically it's a compact version of all the shades I normally wear.

5. Maybelline Fit Me foundation
They started selling these on Fragrance Direct and they stock the lightest shade (110), which is supposedly very pale. I also heard the formula is quite light with a skin-like finish and I'd love to try it.

6. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
Another novelty by the Body Shop. I would love to try the cleansing butter, it's probably the cheapest such product, but the oil sounds nice as well. I already found the oil on eBay, but not the butter.

7. L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream
I have been using very generous samples of this cream for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. I've already done a short review in one of my favourites, but in short: it's the best base for make up and currently my absolute favourite face moisturiser. 

I have ordered a few things on iHerb and I'm waiting for the package to arrive. I hope it arrives safely and soon, but I expect it will take a couple of weeks. I bought the following four things.
1. Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque
Just a basic clay mask with a mint scent. Apparently it's a cult favourite and it has a ton of positive reviews on MUA plus Maja loves it as well. It is super cheap, less than 3€ for 226g.

2. Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Rose
I got it because it's so pretty, I'm shallow like that. Price: 8.6€

3. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar
Again another product that has a lot of positive reviews on MUA. People use it as face wash and I intend to use it in the mornings when I can't be bothered with balms/oils/and the likes. Though I suspect it might be too drying for me, I'm willing to give it a go, but if that happens I'll just use it in some other way. Priced 2.5 € for 141g

4. Badger Cuticle Care
I asked Jana for recommendations what to get from iHerb (if anyone knows, it's her) and she mentioned the Badger brand, which looked so damn cute. I never owned a cuticle cream/balm, because I just don't care about how they look, but they feel a bit painfully dry at the moment and I don't want to keep using my chapstick to moisturise them. 4€ for 21g

Just a few more things. Balea frequently posts on their facebook page about new products and these are the ones that caught my attention recently:

1. Balea Bodybutter Kakao
I'm not sure, but it could just be a repackaged old version of it. The pot looks pretty.
2. Balea Dusch Sorbet Sunny Peach
Peaches! Yum.
3. Balea Beauty Öl
A more affordable approximate of Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil maybe? But the ingredients differ a lot.
Badezauber frische Orange, exotische Vanille and tropische Früchte
I've only seen the orange version in our DM's and it's quite a big bottle. I'm hoping all of these bath products will be sold here.

Have a great day!
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