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This is by far the cheapest eyeliner and makeup product in general that I ever bought. It was less than 0.80 cents on AliExpress, so I it was "quite a splurge". Actually, I'll shallowly admit, that it was the polka dot design that got me. It is not a reliable eyeliner by any means, but for the first week it performed excellently and just as its much more expensive competition. Of course, it didn't last long, but I'm content with it considering the price.

The nib is one of the smallest I tried, so very precise, however, also very stiff with almost zero movement, which makes it harder to fix mistakes, so it's not my favourite. In the first days, it worked fabulously, it was super black, saturated with product and also long-lasting (I have normal eyelids). I started laughing the first time I tried it because it performed so well, comparable to my other liners and I found it ironic that it was a less than a tenth of a price. But as the days followed the felt tip applicator dried up fast. Not completely, but just so I couldn't do the flicks any more, they just looked see-through. Storing it upside down for a few days, brings it back to life, but it quickly depletes again. So it's not the most reliable product, but since it's so cheap, you can get a couple and switch them up, though none will last long. 

Picture taken after about two weeks since I got it, it performed better in the first week.

For 0.80 € you could do far worse. Actually, I've had worse for 10 €. I think this is a great liner if you want to experiment and you're trying eyeliner for the first time, but it's not the most reliable one. I got it from this seller and you can read the review of my fellow blogger Ana from Beautysaur, at who I saw this liner first, here. By the way, it's now close to two months old and it still has colour, so I can still use it for a more smudgy look.

Have a great day!
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