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A while back I purchased my first Yves Rocher product (their Noix de Coco fragrance) online and I said that it's a nice fragrance, but I miss a bit more warmth and sweetness. Well, I had a chance to visit their shop in Kristalna Palača (BTC) and it's such a lovely little shop. They had everything so well organized and there was a lot of sample sized product version (I really like sample sizes, I don't mind paying for them). So I got three 20ml bottles of fragrances and a potted coconut lip balm, everything really reasonably priced (fragrances were 4-5€, I don't recall the price of the lip balm though).

Vanilla eau de toilette is the most strait-forward gourmand vanilla scent I had the chance of trying out. It really smells just like Dr.Oetker Vanilla flavoring or basically like cakes, cookies and stuff. It reminds me a lot of my beloved L'Occitane Vanilla fragrance which was discontinued years ago (I'm still pretty gutted about that). Mixed with Noix de Coco it comes pretty close to what I wanted, however, it is seriously strong so one to two sprays suffices (I mix about 4-5 sprays of Noix de Coco with 1 spray of Vanilla and it doesn't come out to strong). Even though I only got a 20ml version, it will last me quite a while, because it's so strong you only need a little of it. I find it's a great fragrance to mix with so many other scents, basically anywhere you want to add a bit of warmth and sweetness to. 

The other two didn't really impress me that much. Framboise/Raspberry eau de toilette smells exactly like raspberry syrup, just really sweet, fruity and sticky, however mixed with vanilla it's quite a nice combination. But it lacks staying power and the same goes to Peche Jaune/Yellow Peach eau de toillete. Honestly, the latter was the greatest disappointment for me, because I was expecting a nice sweet peach scent (I love the scent of peaches, one of the nicest I found is the Balea Young Traum Gescöpf deospray and shower gel and that was the scent I was expecting to get.). Unfortunately, it's not that sweet, but a more sharp fragrance. My first impression was that it resembles a man's fragrance. But strangely most other people liked this one the most. 

The last thing is the Coconut lip balm, which apart from the really lovely Raffaello type coconut scent is barely worth mentioning. The moisturizing properties are just so poor and the packaging, although pretty, is not the most functional. It's just that the opening is so small that even I have problems getting the product out and I have quite small fingers. But as I said the scent is nice.

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