Tips Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rouge Volupte # 2 Sensual silk and # 7 Lingerie Pink

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Thing don't get more over-hyped as Rouge Voluptes. Sure the packaging is beautiful, but it doesn't go much further than that. Though formula is soft and creamy, it's already too creamy and it's slippery, so light shades look weird on the lips. These feel light on the lips and despite the creaminess, you don't get much moisturisation and these emphasise dry patches with time. Pigmentation is great, but the staying power is nothing special. These just in general feel like they could benefit from so more wax in the formula. The one thing  love at these is the tropical scent, which I think is mango. These cost over 30 €.

2 Sensual Silk is nude beige, with a slight pinkish tone.

7 Lingerie Pink is a bright, bubble gum pastel pink, similar to Mac’s Viva Gaga, but without such intense purple undertones. I find it unwearable and regret the purchase. I should have bought shade 1 instead.

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