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The wireless charging unit is a practical solution that can charge multiple wireless devices in public places such as homes, cars or restaurants and coffee shops. They are very easy to use and do not rely on connectors or cables for operation. There are several standards for this wireless technology. The most popular is Qi, which is supported by most major brands. However, most phone manufacturers have created suitable systems to provide a quick and easy way to charge mobile devices.


PowerClips are ergonomically designed, so there is no need to remove them when using tools. Put the PowerClip on the wireless charging port on the PoweredMat or expansion module to charge the tool and provide a truly worry-free wireless experience for professional barbers or hairdressers.


Tomb45 Mat is a durable rubber finishing mat with integrated wireless charging.


• 2 fast wireless charging modules

• Indicator light to confirm charging

• Insert port on the left or right side of Tomb45 Mat :-

• Wall plug design occupies only one position

• Including fresh bumps

• Use the expansion board (sold separately) to upgrade to 3 other wireless charging modules. The hairdresser can keep it tidy, and use Tomb45 PoweredMat to work more efficiently than ever


PowerMat, Expansion Modules and PowerClip use a patented method to wirelessly charge the most popular clippers, trimmers and razors on the market. In addition, the ecosystem can also wirelessly charge the most common devices with wireless charging capabilities (iPhone or iPod).


Hair care products should be used according to the type and condition of the hair; it is advantageous to use a Fanola Canada shampoo to control the weakness of the hair.


Cleaning is the primary activity to avoid disease, and cleaning is also the only way to control the intensity of disease. This applies to all kinds of problems. Clean and clean the hair, the scalp is necessary to protect healthy hair. If people have thinning hair, it is recommended to use thinning shampoo.


If the hair is thinning, it is better to choose a Fanola Canada shampoo than other ordinary shampoos, because the formula is suitable for controlling thin and fragile hair. The adsorbed ingredients in thinning shampoo will only make thinning hair look denser. Some products may help avoid thinning hair.


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