Wallaby's-like Pulled Pork

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We used to live in Utah and one of our favorite eateries was Wallaby's. They have fantastic pulled pork and smashers (mashed red potatoes). I decided to try to recreate a Wallaby's dinner for my family and it worked. I used my friend Corinne's crockpot pork roast recipe and it gave the pork just the right amout of sweet and savory-ness. I served the pork with applesauce and smashed parmesan potatoes. It was yummmmmmy.

Wallaby's-like Pulled Pork

pork shoulder butt roast (I used about a 5 lb roast)
1 1/2 cups salsa
1/3 cup brown sugar
barbecue sauce (for serving)

Place pork in crockpot. Mix together salsa and brown sugar and pour over pork roast. Cook all day on low, turn on high the last hour (makes it easier to shred). Take pork out of crockpot and shred it. Pour the juices from the crockpot through a strainer into a bowl. Put the shredded pork back into the crockpot and add enough strained juices to make it moist. Turn crockpot to low until you are ready to serve. Serve with warmed barbecue sauce.
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