Best Propane Cabinet Heaters Model: PHF18B

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On freezing nights, the outdoor patio heaters are an essential for you to keep warm. Typically, indoor and outdoor propane heater heat only a relatively small area like a living room, patio, or tent, and they are potable to move anywhere. Therefore, the consumerwill prefer to buy a portable propane heater. On the other side, they are specialized in small size, light weightand mobility.


Now we will introduce a portable propane cabinet heater from thermomate. It’s affordable, safe, powerful for its size and very efficient.


The thermomate PHF18B propane cabinet heater features as below.


1. 69 Hours Continuous Heating:Operates up to 69 hours on a 20lbs propane tank on low setting mode(6,000 BTU), heating area range from 150 to 450 Sq. Ft.

2. 3 HeatingModes:Simple piezo ignition device is easy for operation, 3 heating modes-6,000/12,000/18,000 BTU are optional to meet a variety of scenarios, simply to adjust the gas control knob to choose the desired temperature.

3. 32dB Noise Level: Noise Level is no more than 32dB, which provides you with a quiet, warm, comfortable environment for working, readingand relaxation

4. 5 Lockable Casters: Locking casters on the bottom hold the heater in place temporarily, while making it easy to move to storage later on

5. 2 Protection Features: Features a tip-over valve, the heater will shut down automatically if the unit is tilted or tipped. An ODS (Oxygen Depletion Safety) pilot is a safety device in the event someone uses this outdoor heater indoors in a tightly enclosed space. If this were to happen the ODS pilot will shut the heater down as a precaution.


More outdoor and indoor heater products, welcome to visit thermomate.

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