Julie's Jello Salad

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This is my sister's jello salad recipe (its the red stuff at the 6 o'clock position on the dinner plate). It would not be a family gathering with out this yummy jello/strawberry/sour cream creation. I made this for our Christmas dinner last night, but with just the 5 of us we barely made a dent in it - we'll be having jello salad with every dinner for days.:)

Julie's Jello Salad

2 small boxes strawberry Jello (3 oz each)
2 tubs frozen sliced and sweetened strawberries, thawed
20 oz. can crushed pineapple
16 oz. container sour cream
2 bananas, smooshed with a fork
1 1/2 cups boiling water

Boil water, dissolve Jello in water. Turn down heat and add strawberries with juices. Turn off heat. Add drained pineapple and bananas and stir. Pour half of the mixture into a 9x13 glass baking dish and leave the other half sitting out at room temp. Put the 9x13 into the fridge and allow to set for 3 hours. Spread sour cream over the set up jello and pour remaining half of jello mixture over the sour cream. Allow to set again in fridge for 3 hours.
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