Launching SG50 web app to usher in the historic milestone of Singapore’s 50th Birthday Celebrations!

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Singapore- 19 Dec 2014 - OMEGA Apps, an application development company in Singapore is soon going to launch a web portal to get people indulged in the glory of the country's very important day. As the country is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015, the web app would enable people to usher in this historic milestone. With its interactive and attractive upcoming web portal, the people who love this country will be able to cherish the memorable moments of Singapore.

“Let us not miss this opportunity to get united and feel the energy of our country. I would like to give people an unforgettable feel with the portal where every Singaporean (even living abroad), local resident, and visitors can virtually post their wishes, share and connect with one another in celebrating our 50th Anniversary”, said, Sam Roberts, Director of Omega Apps. Mr. Sam Roberts also shared that he wishes that this portal will be an instrument of increasing awareness of patriotism, respect for one another, a culture of appreciation and a heart for ‘One People, One Family, One Nation’.

About the portal's features: is an online social platform where the community can share their past and present stories of pain and sorrow, joy and glory of our small yet strong island country, which has made a mark on the world's globe in quite a short period of time. The portal has many features to engage the community and offer deals and giveaways. It will have six main segments to start with, but more features are to be added on soon.

·         Celebration: The birth of this portal itself is with the motive of celebration. So, this would be the main segment where people will be able to post about their celebration via text, pics or videos. Let us not forget- "A joy that's shared is a joy made double".

·         Appreciation: This section would give the users a chance to show their gratitude towards the people who have contributed to the freedom of this nation in managing the national sovereignty. It allows the option to add people in your family, your friends, at work etc. to appreciate them for who they are.

·         Events: Here, the users can post their upcoming events and get the community to participate making their bond stronger.

·         Compassion: This will encourage people to take an oath to help other fellow beings around them with a kind and a compassionate heart. The world today needs a lot of compassion and support to grow as a peaceful and safe place to live on.

·         Surprises: Bring a smile with a surprise gift to your loved ones. Surprise gifts are the best ways to appreciate the people who have beautifully contributed in your life. This section will enable the users to send surprise gifts.

·         Souvenirs: Every memorable day should end with a token of remembrance. Though a small, but mementos always brings a smile on our face with nostalgia. This section would give the users a chance to get a memento of this important milestone of the nation which will not let them forget the beautiful moments of celebration in coming years.


Designed by OMEGA Apps, LENNY is the mascot of, symbolizing gratefulness and appreciation. Lenny is a little lion, the youngest in his family, curious to know of Singapore’s history and grateful for where he is today. He is playful at times but loves his family very dearly. He has learnt to be content and appreciates what he has in comparison to many others who have much less. He serves the message of appreciating one another and living life with gratitude.

About OmegApps (

OmegApps was established in 2009 by its current CEO and Founder, Sam Roberts. The company is headquartered at 229 Mountbatten Road, 03-38 Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398007

The company prides itself on offering low-cost, high-value web and mobile app development services and continues to use only the most stable and reliable technology platforms. OmegApps also provides unparalleled customer service, ensuring it continues to foster stronger business relationships with both its potential & existing customers, and partners.

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