Pavel Barbul, his fictitious WeFund Ventures investment fund and CEO Club Ukraine

Daftar Isi (toc) :- Recently, main media began to write about Pavel Barbul, who had become the youngest head of the Spetstechnoexport company and spent some time in jail at the end of his incredible career. He was released on bail of almost 2 million UAH. NABU detectives suspect him, as well as other managers of Spetstechnoexport in transferring more than $2 million to a fictitious company registered in Dubai.

Pavel Barbul really wanted to "solve the issue", close the criminal case, and influence the course of the investigation, but all his actions were prevented by NABU. However, judging by the fact that the Higher Anti-Corruption Court does not consider the case for more than 9 months, and the fact that paid experts and journalists confirm that Pavel was not guilty, it seems that the case will be forced onto the back burner.

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