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Penomet is an award-winning penis pump that has been made and sold by a company called Artic Sea Limited since 2011. The company claims that the pump increases both penis length and girth, and that helps prevent premature ejaculation and impotence. They also say it can reverse the effects of Peyronies disease, as well as increase your sexual stamina and self-confidence.

This type of device isn’t the only one you’ll find in the market, but in many ways it is unique. It was launched after 2 years of exhaustive studies to make sure that it has all the features that users actually want.

It is comparatively new in the market, but even at the start, Penomet has made waves in the industry. Its innovative design and features have garnered various awards. Right now, it is the only penis pump to bear a CE marking. This means the product meets the strict EU compliance requirements.

It has also received the SGS certification that assures you that it has met US and EU laws regarding the manufacture of silicone. The certification also assures you that it is completely toxin-free and that it doesn’t even have any trace amounts of dangerous chemicals.

In the end, however, what’s important is whether it is effective and safe. From what we’ve found, it is both.

This is a water pump device, which uses vacuum force to pull on and enlarge your penis. The design of the water pump allows you to gradually increase the pressure you use over time so that you can remain comfortable and safe.

The use of water is in a way better than using air vacuum. That’s because with the use of the water the device can exert pressure and volume equally throughout the pump chamber. This is in contrast to air vacuum pumps that can sometimes exert more pressure in some areas.

When you use this and you stop the compression of the pump, you also close the non-return valve at the end of the pump cylinder. The gaiter you use will expand so that you can then apply equal pressure to all the parts of the penis.

Science of Penis pump: When you use penomet pumo,it increases the size of the Corpora Cavernosa, which are the chambers in the penis that hold blood during an erection. As more blood is forced in, fissures and tears appear in the tissue. This causes new cells to grow and fill in the gaps, which is what creates the size increase.

After just one session you can see the size difference, but this will go away with your erection. For more permanent results, you need to use Penomet daily for a few months. If you order the premium package you get more gaiters, which give you more pressure options. This means you can start out gently, and work up to strong pressure.

There is a package you can get with Penomet with a single gaiter and that gives you a fixed setting. But with Penomet you can pick other packages that can give you several gaiters to choose from. The gradual setting change when you replace the gaiter with another lets you to gradually and safely increase the pressure the pump can exert on your penis.

The Penomet penis pump is great for guys between 5 inches and 8 inches in erect length. If you lie outside of those measurements, there are other penis pumps out there that will be more suitable for you.

How to Use It?

You can set up the device using the instructions very quickly so that only takes a few minutes. Then you can follow the 6 mandated steps.

You start by choosing the detachable pressure gaiter you want to use. Beginners who aren’t used to the sensation of penis pumps are better off with the lowest and therefore most comfortable setting. That’s the purple 60 gaiter if you get the Penomet Premium package.
You can then attach the gaiter you chose to the main Penomet cylinder.
Enter the shower and bath and then apply the Penomet device over your penis. Gently pump the Penomet a few times until you have yourself a vacuum seal over your penis.
You can apply continuous pressure for 5 minutes or so until you’ll want to relax and take a break. You can then resume and re-pump after a minute or so. Generally, you want the period of use to total 15 to 20 minutes.
You can release some of the pressure by gently pressing the valve at the end of the cylinder to the side. At any time the pressure becomes too intense, you can lay off. This is also what you need to do to remove the device from your penis.
Once you’re used to the feeling of the lowest setting gaiter, you can then switch to the next gaiter with the stronger setting. You can also adhere to an exercise schedule that uses a different gaiter each week.

Pros and Cons

The Penomet device can be used for temporary results, which is great if you have a special date for the evening and you want to prepare your “armaments”. You can use this for just 15 minutes while taking a shower and you’re good to go for the next 2 hours.

But you can use this daily and after a few months you can enjoy more permanent improvements. Results vary for each person, but it’s common to enjoy an extra inch after about 6 months. In fact, you can see some permanent improvement in just a month.

However, this doesn’t work when you have micro penis syndrome. That seems unfortunate since those who have that condition are the very people who sorely need this sort of device.

Also, some of the other water pumps have more comfortable gaiters. They have padding with the gaiter they use, while you don’t have that with the Penomet gaiters.

The Penomet penis pump is great for guys who are looking for permanent size increases. If you are really serious about size gains, and you have the money, I would recommend the Premium Package. The five factors help you get the most out of the pump, and will get you the gains you have been looking for.
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