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You know that awesome moment, when you're reunited with one of your all-times favourites? I treated myself to a fresh/new Hypnôse for my birthday and it's just outstanding. It does everything I want a mascara to do. Most importantly for me, it really holds the curl all day and even after I remove it, my lashes are still curled. I just love that! It also gives a ton of length and since my lashes remain curled, when I open my eyes wide, I can feel the lashes touching my eyebrows. Great stuff.

Probably my favourite lip liner in terms of texture out of the ones I own. It's very close to a proper lipstick, but it's not too soft like Essence's lip liners, so it still manages to stay a decent amount of time on the lips, while being comfortable enough to be worn on its own. Cotton Candy is a beautiful, warm pink that is similar to MAC's Please Me, so it's a great every day colour, when you want something neutral, but not completely nude.

My absolute favourite nail polish at the moment both because of the colour and the formula. It's such a lovely nude, but one with rose-violet-taupe tones that keep it from looking to mannequin-hands-like and it just suit my skin tone so well. The formula is so smooth and surprising easy to apply for an opaque nude nail polish, but what impressed me more is how shiny is the finish. Plus that glossy finish lasted all week on me, which is very surprising for my nails.

BALEA My Golden Twenties & 50's Forever Pflegecremen
I adore these two and I keep them near me all the time. My preferred use for both of these is as hand cream because, though they are thicker in texture, they are not at all greasy and they absorb so fast. I even use them on my face occasionally, since I'm currently moisturiser-less and they work great. My Golden Twenties smells like lavender with a hint of honey to me (it's the more neutral smelling of the two), while 50's Forever smells like cherry soda/candy.

The scent of this is really lovely and it smells very authentic like pears, but it's the texture that has convinced me even more. It feels very expensive, with a pleasantly creamy formula that foams well. I've tried a few Yves Rocher's shower products and this is my favourite so far, but the packaging needs a pump.

a.k.a. L'ORÉAL Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo
I declare that I have found my absolute favourite budget-friendly shampoo. It performs like a very high-end shampoo and believe me, I have tried tons. The only one that is better than L'Oreal's is Oleo-Relax by Kérastase (which is owned by L'Oreal) and even that one is just like Elvital on steroids, meaning that if you have very demanding hair like me, you'll notice the difference between the two, otherwise no. L'Oreal's has a similar effect, so it feels like some conditioner was added in it and the hair feels a bit silky when you're rinsing it off. It also doesn't leave my hair so squeaky clean that's it's dried out and it smells nice. I'm a huge fan of this.

This may just be one the best pre-wash treatments for super dry hair I've ever tried. It's a combination of soy oil, argan oil and shea butter oil, so it's super greasy and heavy, which is what makes it brilliant. My hair was very dried out, so I applied this very generously all over the hair and left it on overnight. It was completely transformed and it hasn't felt this nourished in a long time. It washes off completely and even when you're shampooing the hair, it feels in such good condition. The spray nozzle isn't the best one, but it's probably because the product is so thick that it doesn't spray evenly, however, I just spray it in my hands and apply it that way. I've used it just on my bottom third of the hair before every hair washing so far, but only left it for about a hour and it still performed very well. This will definitely become my first-aid product for dry hair.

Sometimes you only realize how much you like something once it's gone. I've been using this hair spray for over a year and I love it because it feels like nothing on the hair. There is no stickiness, wetness, stiffness and yet it holds so well. I only noticed they stopped selling this here, when my spray can was all but out, so I tried to replace it with another brand, which turned out to be a big mistake. I was lucky enough to find the last Hold Tight in Müller that is almost 100 km away from me and I'm so glad I did. They only thing that bothers me at this hair spray is the heavy Angel-like scent.

I know it doesn't look pretty. but that's how files look when you use them. It's been a while since I've used a polishing file and I forgot how nice they make your nails look. My nails look so healthy and shiny, so it looks like I've used a clear nail polish. The nail polish application is nicer as well and when I remove it, the nails underneath still look shiny.

Have a great day!
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