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This is a complete winner of the month for me. I took a chance and I tried a shade I never imagined on me before and it turned out way better than I could have ever expected. Nude-ist is far from a proper nude shade on me, but it's one of those fantastic natural shades that give me a bit of colour and define the lips. It's a beautiful muted rose shade on me and features that awesome matte formula Bourjois does so well. Love this.

If you're an avid reader of beauty blogs then I'm sure that the Kiko Long Lasting Sticks hype didn't escape you and I can tell you it's fully justified. The taupe shade I own is incredibly creamy, doesn't tug on the lids at all and blends with ease. The staying power is really impressive as well, since on my normal lids it can easily get through the day with minimal creasing, which only occurs much later in the day. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the chunky shimmer, but I'll live with it.

Once I started using Golden Taupe on a daily basis, it occurred to me that the tone of it is very close to how Satin Taupe looks on my eyes. It turns out these work great in conjunction with each other as Satin Taupe is just a bit deeper shade on my lids, but without the shimmer. 

This is that one fantastic transition shade that can easily be worn from autumn though winter into spring because it's such a nice mix of styles. It's a mix of autumn-winter murky taupe and spring pastel lilac shade, so it looks very modern on the nails. Plus this formula has a very shiny finish.

It's officially spring and it's time to dust off the pastels. Mint Candy Apple is the quintessential pastel mint green shade and you just can't really have a spring without it. Granted the formula is horrendous and it reminds me how far pastels have come in the recent years, but it's worth the extra work. There are many, many (better performing) dupes for this shade, but Mint Candy Apple just has that cult status. 

As far as oil cleansers go, this is definitely my favourite. It's the only one so far that didn't cause me problems after a longer use, in fact, it keeps my skin in a very decent condition plus it removes every scrape of makeup even my heavy-duty waterproof mascara. I've switched back to Emma Hardie's cleansing balm for a while because I need to use up my opened cleansers and my skin almost immediately didn't look as good. I even got a few dry patches, so I went back to using this one and it helped. I do mind that it doesn't feel as luxurious as balms and I hate how foggy my vision is after using it, but because it works for my skin, it's currently my favourite cleanser out the ones I have. Balance Me Cleansing Balm is still my absolute favourite, with Good Things Manuka Honey being my second, but this is firmly planted on third place and removes makeup the best out of three. The price is a bit extreme though, but I heard they have some promotion on cleansers in L'Occitane at the moment, at least here. 

I found a great hydrating mask that helps me when my skin is feeling super thirsty and it was just there in my local DM. I've said before that this is a similar product to Origins Drink Up Intensive mask, but I like it even more because this one has hyaluronic acid in it. My skin had a bit of a patchy moment on my cheeks, but this mask quickly fixed that. I should really explore Balea's skin care more (any recs?).

Yes, I'm going to rave about this mascara once more. It's when I'm testing other mascaras that I realise how bloody fantastic this one is. At the end of the day (which is currently at 2 A.M.), my foundation looks worn-off, the blush is long gone as is the eyeshadow, but my lashes look like I just applied mascara five minutes ago. They are still perfectly curled, there is no smudging and all the mascara is still there. That's what I call an HG mascara.

I still can't believe I only paid 4€ for this fabulous scent. It's one of those clean, but classy scents that work no matter the occasion or season. It's basically a cheap knock-off of Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme and works just as well. It starts with a nice peachy burst, but it quickly settles into a nice expensive fabric softener scent. And I also love the bottle of this as it's not at all cheap looking. 

As with mascaras, it's only when I'm using something else that I realize how good the old favourite is. I've had the same thing happen to me with Nectar Thermique. This works for my hair so well not just as heat protection, but also as a leave-in product/conditioner and it never fails me when my hair needs that extra boots of moisture. This is one of the best products for really dry hair.

Have a great day!
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