[Today] 'Physical: 100' PD clarifies rumors about finals match interference

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Article: 'Physical: 100' responds to rumors about the final match "They're not true, we didn't interfere at all"

Source: No Cut News via Naver

1. [+36] Hmm... It does feel fishy that they had to pause the match, though.. You can't ensure that having that break in flow couldn't have affected the final results, right? No matter how much sound issues they had, they should've made sure the contestants were able to keep going, even if that meant more work for them in post-editing. Just like they said in their excuse, hundreds were watching, so they should've been more careful to not leave anything open to misinterpretation. How unfortunate that the ending was marred like this.

2. [+10, -0] I did feel like something was off.. One of them looked like they had no trouble unraveling the rope while the others looked like it was almost stuck....

3. [+8, -0] Sounds like something big is brewing

4. [+7, -1] Just release the whole filmed footage on Netflix as an extra episode and let us see for ourselves. Don't make up excuses to the media like this, just release the whole footage for the finals match. Let us decide.

5. [+4, -0] I mean, it's not like this show had any set standards in the first place...

6. [+1, -0] Please just tell us the truth

7. Hmm.. I didn't have any doubts that they would rig something..

8. It's great that the producers are saying something but this would all be resolved if they just uploaded the footage to YouTube. Us viewers will decide if it was a set up or not. 


Article: Rumors of finals match being held 'three times', 'Physical: 100' producer releases official statement

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+70] So it seems that they are admitting that there was a pause in the match that interfered with the contestants' stamina. And it's not like the contestants had any option but to comply with whatever the PDs are telling them to do?

2. [+23] There's a lot that was unfair, like the first match where everyone was hanging on to rope only to suffer for it in the 1:1, picking teams (Jang Eun Shil was left in an unfair spot for being picked 10th), and now the finals ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+18] It's the media vs MBC at this point, and I'm sure the media must have something concrete for them to lodge such an accusation so.. I guess we should just stay neutral and wait

5. [+29] From the perspective of the producers, all they care about is that the viewer ratings are good, right? What's it matter to them who wins in the end? Why cause a controversy like this in the first place?

6. [+4] I'm not inclined to believe the accusations; it feels forced. It's not like the show had any prior examples of trying to hype up one contestant over the other or showing favoritism to a special few. A lot of the popular faces would be eliminated without question. I also find it hard to believe that they made the finalists repeat the match three times... how could you even physically handle such a difficult task three times? With 300 million won on the line, I'm sure the finalists would come out and say something themselves if unfair conditions were at play here...

7. [+14] What about when that one guy was stepping on the squares so that the other guy couldn't flip them? ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+13] Luck had more to do with winning on this show than actual physical strength. I remember even the tag race had some controversies with people thinking that whoever was running in front of Jang Hyun Seung would be at an advantage.. It doesn't make sense that they'd pause the finals at all just because the audio wasn't working. What would the PDs have done if the finalists had refused to stop? It's not like they were in a position to refuse anything either... It just doesn't feel right to have a strength competition based around luck and the ill preparation of the producers.


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