[Today] Actor Kang Eun Il clears his name of sexual harassment through CCTV analysis after serving five months in prison

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Article: Actor Kang Eun Il revealed to have been falsely accused of sexual harrassment, innocence found through CCTV

Source: Financial News via Naver

The actor originally served five months in prison but was released after he was found to be not guilty. He was originally accused of following A into the women's bathroom and harassing her inside, but CCTV analysis showed that the shadows and the feet seen through the gap under the stall did not line up with the woman's story. 

1. [+1,848, -6] The woman who accused him should be sentenced to jail as well for her false accusation

2. [+1,467, -3] As a woman myself, I think people like her should be given sentences three times harsher than the one he had to serve. She ruined his life intentionally. I hope Kang Eun Il-ssi gets financial compensation out of her.

3. [+793, -0] So what happened at the initial trial? They accepted her testimony with no further evidence and just stole his life away from him? Even though he's out free now, this will follow his image forever. Shouldn't the judge and the woman suffer the same consequences that he had to?

4. [+328, -2] He can now sue her for false accusation, and do not settle

5. [+321, -1] Even without the CCTV evidence... how was he arrested and imprisoned over no evidence? What was her evidence? Her mouth?

6. [+216, -1] She should be given a seven year sentence in prison if you consider the fact that this young man had to spend five months of his life sleeping next to a toilet while being exiled by all his friends and coworkers for something he didn't do.

7. [+198, -7] Scary that a one-sided accusation from a woman can ruin a man's entire life like this

8. [+135, -0] What a horrible woman.. sue her for false accusation and give her a taste of how scary the law can be. Do not let evil get away with it.

9. [+121, -1] So in other words, she didn't even have proper evidence but managed to throw ane ntire man in jail by squeezing out a few tears? ㅋㅋㅋ What the f*ck?

10. [+88, -1] So without the CCTV, all the court needed was her testimony to find him guilty?


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