[Today] Avex girl group XG's Korean debut is in hot waters

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Video: The girl group that is on the brink of being kicked out of Korea with their debut

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+114] All of their members are Japanese...??? What makes them a Korean group?
- [+12] I would at least be more understanding if their agency was Korean but no
- [+8] They are definitely not a Korean group. They should identify themselves as a Japanese girl group using a Korean system for a K-Pop concept. They're calling themselves 'X-Pop', whatever that is.

2. [+87] There's a group called Black Swan that mixed Korean members with foreign members, but are now completely made up of foreign members and are still categorized as a K-Pop group. What I'm trying to say that this isn't an issue with the fact that XG is all Japanese. The issue is that the intention with the group is so foul. Even they recognize that they're not a K or J group but 'X-Pop'.
- [+7] You're right. If anything, Black Swan gets a lot of support.

3. [+65] Sure, they can keep this up if they want, but would they actually be able to survive in the K-Pop industry..?

4. [+50] If all of the members are Japanese, they're a J-Pop group, not K-Pop

5. [+39] They're definitely under heavy pressure from their company to not say a thing about K-Pop on any TV shows;;

6. [+24] They're trying to make a free buck off of K-Pop's name. I've been checking the reactions in Japan and they're totally feeling prideful over this group. They don't really understand how music programs work over here so they think XG is super famous for being allowed to perform on the weekly shows. AVEX is the evil one for abusing all of this. It's just ironic to me that the Japanese think XG is actually doing well over here when Koreans are heavily critical of them. 

7. [+20] Why can't Japan beat K-Pop?? ㅋㅋ Just look at this group. The skills, their speech... dizzy, it's all dizzying. They don't seem K-Pop at all, more American if anything. I can't believe Korean staff were even involved in their production. X-Pop my butt ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+18] Their latest interview is an even bigger mess... They were asked to pick a favorite singer in Korea and they didn't even choose Kep1er but Kep1er's Hikaru ㅋㅋ They're never going to make it here

9. [+12] I seriously hate XG so, so much;;

10. [+11] If they're 'X-Pop', go take it back to your own country. Why are you trying to parasite off of K-Pop ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  but oh yeah, there is no country that is home to such a thing as 'X-Pop' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+11] Their song isn't even in Korean, so..?

12. [+9] No matter how much hate they get in Korea, no matter how little interest they drum up here, even if they don't gain even one fan in this country, they are going to continue to try and promote in Korea no matter what because they need to show a history of promoting here to be able to call themselves a 'K-Pop' group overseas. Once they achieve that, Japan will give them the views and the push they need for international fans to take notice. Actually, they are already drumming up international attention, as you can tell by all the reaction videos on XG's songs. What's probably going to happen next is that once they lay that foundation, they're going to stop calling themselves K-Pop and start emphasizing that they're a J-Pop group for the international stage. Their Korean staff will have been used. 

13. [+7] They would be getting a lot less hate if they had at least put in two Korean members....

14. [+6] It's so obvious that they're trying to use Korean promos and TV shows as their stepping stone to an international audience... too bad their CEO has basically set fire to their plans ㅋㅋ 

15. [+4] If they're all Japanese, please just debut in Japan. They wouldn't be getting this much hate if they had at least one Korean member but this is going too far ㅋㅋ It's hilarious to me that they're trying to debut here without knowing anything about Korea ㅋㅋ How crazy is their agency even for trying to debut an all Japanese group over here??

16. [+4] They are a J-Pop group

17. [+4] I do think that we need to start trying to be more open minded about this stuff. Other countries enjoy K-Pop for what it represents, I don't think it's right for Koreans to be so exclusive of foreigners like this. To the international fans, they like K-Pop for what it is, not necessarily because the members are Korean. It's only Koreans who care what ethnicity the members are;; Foreigners don't care that Son Heung Min or Black Pink are Korean, they just like them for who they are;; and just because they like Black Pink doesn't necessarily mean they like Korea either. +Though I do admit, the AVEX chairman's mindset does make me want to throw up;;; I want XG to leave AVEX and re-debut somewhere else;;
- [+4] I think this concern is something we can be concerned about later. The immediate concern is that we're being used and what makes K-Pop uniquely ours is at risk of being stolen.

18. [+3] How are they calling themselves K-Pop when their lyrics are only in English; I feel like the minute we accept this group and allow Japan to cross this line, the K-Pop market is going to end up like Dokdo

19. [+2] I just hate, hate that they're using our country's TV platforms for their own gain. Why did the PDs allow this? Were they paid to? Let's please wake up! Start taking care of our own Korean idols from Korean entertainment companies ㅠㅠ

20. [+1] They're just another attention seeking group that will disappear in a year


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