[Today] Brave Girls contracts expire this month, what's in store for the future?

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Video: Brave Girls' shocking whereabouts, how they disappeared at the peak of their career

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1. [+1,000] I don't even know how their agency could fumble them this hard, especially with a once in a life time opportunity

2. [+601] Any failure of Brave Girls is the fault of their company, not for a lack of skills... They are truly an example of how limiting smaller agencies can be. I hope that they're able to transfer to a newer agency and comeback with some good songs.

3. [+481] I hope they can comeback under a new agency soon

4. [+230] Please debut again... They may not get to use their old name but I want to see the four of them together for longer

5. [+130] I remember Brave Brothers talking about how much affection he feels towards the group, how hard he was working on producing their songs... but I guess the words of CEOs just can't be trusted...

6. [+161] They're under a problematic agency.. I could spend all night listing their issues. The girls worked so hard to climb back up and it's upsetting as a fan to see them being held back by their company ㅠ

7. [+99] I heard rumors that Brave is going to debut another girl group... but seeing what's happening with Brave Girls, I hope those trainees make a run for it...

8. [+81] So upsetting how their company is mismanaging them ㅠ

9. [+110] If their contracts expire on the 16th, they really don't have much time left. I wonder what's going on with the lack of news or updates? I hope they can resolve this and get back to promos.

10. [+31] I want them to transfer to a new agency and comeback with a refreshing summer song

11. [+42] To be honest, even if they did get some decent promos in in 2022, I think it would've still been a difficult year considering all the really competitive rookie girl groups that debuted recently

12. [+30] From the objective perspective as a member of the public, there are a lot of groups that are younger, prettier, and more talented than Brave Girls out there. With a lot more star potential as well. Brave Girls only made it as far as they did because Koreans love bubbling up over a trend together. Once the bubbles die down, it's inevitable that they're on their way to being forgotten again. Their fame was always based off their climb back to relevancy. Though I do admit, 'Rollin' is a great song.

13. [+12] Is this how it's going to end for them? I really supported them

14. [+23] Really shows how the right agency will make or break your career


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