[Today] Brave Girls disband despite 'Rollin' mega-hit

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Article: Brave Girls fails to break 7 year curse, disbands

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,022] They're a case where the water was flowing in but they didn't have a paddle to row with so their boat sunk

2. [+458] Well, they're lucky to have had a period in time where they shined the brightest at all.. 👏

3. [+406] Sure, they rowed hard while the water was flowing in.. promoted this and that, here and there... it's just that their boat wasn't headed towards a particular destination, which was the problem. 

4. [+235] This is totally their company's fault, no? 😢

5. [+398] I hope the members all just move to another company together... ㅠㅠ

6. [+171] Brave Brothers is just not trendy anymore... If he had kept up with the K-Pop trends, I think they could've done a lot better. 

7. [+153] They still have a lot of potential left in their career if they move to another company and get some better songs

8. [+354] I think something about their song and concept style changed after 'Rollin' became a hit. I remember listening to 'Rollin' a lot but not much of any of their releases after ㅜㅜ I still supported them a lot so I wish them the best after this disbandment.. 🥺

9. [+36] Similar to EXID ☝🏻

10. [+58] Ah... even Brave Girls are leaving us ㅜ This all must've felt like a dream to them ㅜ

11. [+19] Brave Brothers should've let them go a lot earlier than this

12. [+34] I had a feeling they were going to disband because of the lack of news with their contract expirations coming up.. Their company stopped putting out any new songs and it seemed obvious that they were trying to milk them dry at the tail-end of their career by putting them all these American tours and event performances. I had hoped they'd continue to do well after 'Rollin' but they were just a brief spark..


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+381] When they were at the peak of their fame, they needed to be focusing on their song quality and music show promos rather than going on variety shows. A shame that they're disappearing after one flash in the pan.

2. [+77] It'd be nice if the members could move to a different company

3. [+65] They're not disbanding, it's only their contracts that are over.. They said they're going to stay around as Brave Girls...

4. [+63] If only their songs were more modern...

5. [+206] And that's why you should try to debut with a big company if you can


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+399] It may have been brief but I'm proud of them for how brightly they shined. They will be remembered as a beautiful memory by so many soldiers. Thank you, Brave Girls!

2. [+334] They just made it to becoming a group that was a guaranteed hit with every comeback, what a shame

3. [+926] Brave Brothers needs to stick to selling songs to companies and not producing his own groups anymore. Really upsetting that he's handled this whole thing like some inexperienced newcomer.

4. [+195] Just glad they managed even a brief moment of success with 'Rollin', especially considering all of the groups that disappear without even getting to see a sliver of light

5. [+57] I feel like all I heard for half a year was 'Rollin' on the TV and radio, how could you not be able to do more with such an opportunity?

6. [+82] ㅜㅜ Is it... really over

7. [+16] Their company handled them pretty terribly but their timing was bad as well because of the pandemic hitting right after.

8. [+121] Unskilled company

9. [+36] Sad ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope they get an opportunity later on to come back and promote again

10. [+87] Some groups just have a clear limit


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