[Today] Broadcast officials attribute New Jeans' success to their large female fandom

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Article: Broadcast officials on why New Jeans hit daebak

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

Consumers of New Jeans' blue book = 88.6% women
IVE's photobook = 70.9% women
SNSD and Aespa's albums = over 60% women


1. [+148] Male fans may take your pictures with DSLR cameras but they don't spend as much money as female fans do. The fandoms that spend the most money are usually majority female. Male or female idol groups, it doesn't matter... it's always the women who buy the fan merch and albums.

2. [+130] Because male fans don't spend money..

3. [+159] I've rarely seen a male fan buy anything other than IZ*ONE or Twice male fans ㅋㅋ the only thing male fans are good at is ruining the group's image by trolling on fan boards and writing s*xual harassment comments about them on community boards. They never buy anything ㅋㅋ

4. [+62] Aespa has a ton of female fans

5. [+8] Men, especially recently, aren't that into fanboying idols in general...

6. [+12] As a male Sone of 14 years, I only buy merch out of loyalty and to add to my collection... but yeah, there are a lot less male fans these days than there used to be

7. [+7] I think there used to be a pretty big male fan community but it seems like most fandoms are heavily female, whether you're a female or male group

8. [+59] Female fans have always been the most loyal fanbase

9. [+16] They're half right, half wrong. Most groups always start out with a strong female fandom, but in order to win mainstream popularity, you need to appeal to young men in their teens and twenties, and it's usually the group that grabs that consumer base first that ends up at the top. Min Hee Jin knows that which is why she got them on platforms that appeal to younger men like Calm Down Man's stream and getting them CFs that appeal to students like online tutoring programs, etc. 


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