[Today] BTS' J-Hope announces enlistment plans after Jin

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Article: BTS J-Hope cancels enlistment postponement... second member to enlist after Jin

Source: ChosunBiz via Naver

1. [+1,131, -11] Fighting~ stay healthy and come back soon!

2. [+281, -11] Serve quickly and get back to group promos soon...

3. [+271, -11] As expected of BTS!!! Stay healthy ^^^

4. [+110, -0] Stay healthy! I know you'll be great wherever you are!

5. [+110, -3] Hobi, be healthy 💜

6. [+31, -0] As expected of BTS... Not only is their music impressive but their character and attitudes. Such impressive young men with not a thing missing... ㅎㅎ

7. [+24, -0] When even BTS is going, how are you other celebrities like Yoo Ah In not embarrassed to have enlistment conspiracies 

8. [+24, -1] Amazing. Proves their worth as a group at the top of the world. Hopefully all of the other members can enlist quickly soon so we can see them as a group again! Stay healthy ^^

9. [+20, -1] ㅠㅠ Serve well~ positive influence Hoseokie ❤️

10. [+16, -1] Despite all the noise that surrounded their enlistment, they're still making an amazing decision that I support them for. I've never taken an interest in celebrities but I've always felt drawn to supporting BTS...


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+73] J-Hope always stands out to me when they're dancing. I hope he serves well. 

2. [+64] Ah oppa please don't go

3. [+53] Serve well.. hing ㅜ but kids, can't you all enlist at once? We have to be sad five more times..ㅜㅡ

4. [+49] Hurry up and serve quickly

5. [+30] The best 👏

6. [+12] I reckon Suga will enlist after the tour? And probably in public service... I just want everyone to serve healthily and well.

7. [+16] He was on Weverse live just a bit ago and he said that he wanted to serve quickly so that he could come back and show an improved self, and when fans were telling him "don't go~" he replied, "I'll be quick!" ㅠㅠ

8. [+10] We'll all be waiting 💜 Serve well

9. [+9] Please don't get hurt, serve healthy and strong 👏👏

10. [+2] Even Hobi is going... once the members all take their turns serving.. I wonder how long it'll all take ㅜㅜㅜ


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