[Today] CF companies jump to cut ties with Yoo Ah In amidst drug scandal

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Article: Advertisement industry begins to cut ties with Yoo Ah In over 'propofol and marijuana' scandal

Source: Financial News via Naver

1. [+2,847, -54] All that pretending like he's an intellectual... a fighter of justice... only to escape service.. and now drugs...

2. [+1,264, -23] When celebrities commit crimes, their real names should be used. His name is not Yoo-ssi. Call him Uhm-ssi. You wouldn't call Psy as SSa-ssi, right?

3. [+969, -30] All that acting like he's better than everyone ㅋㅋ just to end up a druggie ㅋㅋ

4. [+810, -15] This is so irresponsible of him. Nevermind his CF deals, what about all the dramas and movies he's recorded and are awaiting release? Why would you do this to your co-stars? Zero responsibility as a lead role... So many livelihoods are on the line, how could you even think of doing drugs in a situation like this?

5. [+676, -21] I was honestly quite surprised to hear this news because he's always said such thoughtful and necessary things in his award speeches.

6. [+584, -5] If you're into school bullying, drugs, or drinking and driving, please just don't bother becoming a celebrity

7. [+471, -9] If you made every celebrity take a urine test, I bet you we'd get a ton and ton of names

8. [+374, -11] I will never understand why these stars choose to ruin their lives like this. All you have to do is put your head down and work hard through your youth and enjoy riches and freedom for the rest of your life in your 50s and 60s... how thoughtless of them.

9. [+209, -7] I hope this is a wake up call for him. He's always going around acting woke, like he knows better, like an intellectual above everyone, only to end up as a public figure committing a crime. Highly disappointed in him. Marijuana may be legal in other countries but he still chose to break the law in our country, and he deserves to pay the price for it.

10. [+195, -4] I heard he's finished recording at least three movies and dramas... all of that combined with his CF deals is going to amount to a hefty lawsuit


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