[Today] CJ denies teaming up with Kakao for SM acquisition

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Article: CJ "in discussion to participate in SM acquisition" with Kakao... 'Kakao + CJ + SM administration' vs 'Hybe + Lee Soo Man'

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+128] I'd rather Hybe

2. [+122] Can everyone just f*ck off from SM please

3. [+89] They can just f*ck off then

4. [+71] I wish everyone would just f*ck off 😊 Kakao or Hybe, they're all the same in the eyes of SM fans. Just another company trying to gobble up the history and influence that SM has built up ㅎㅎ

5. [+84] Can everyone just f*ck off... hahahahahaha

6. [+59] The top 3... spam mayo... tuna mayo... and SM, please don't mess with SM 🥺

7. [+27] Please just leave SM alone...

8. [+26] SM has lost all pride.. this f*cking sucks. I wish Kakao and Hybe would just leave them alone. 

9. [+49] I'm actually so sick of Kakao getting their hands into every industry; it's actually terrifying. I'd rather Hybe take SM than Kakao since at least they're in the same industry.

10. [+7] I find it funny that people are hating on Hybe. The whole reason this is happening is because SM is fighting internally and is leaving the company out at a cheap price that Hybe finds economical to purchase.

11. [+19] As a fan, I don't care about any of this stock stuff... I just want SM to go in the direction that their staff and artists want... and I believe that it's definitely not Hybe that they want

12. [+25] Just break up SM into crumbs, all of you

13. [+21] SM... please... can't SM just be left as an individual company...

14. [+4] What are these traitors CJ even doing? Why team up with Kakao and their Chinese money? All of this just pisses me off... why isn't SM able to function without them? I guess Hybe is the better choice in the end, then... sigh

15. [+16] Hybe is the way better option. At least they won't debut so many Chinese trainees... and they said so in their presentation that they aren't planning to mess with SM internally


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