[Today] Consumers are not happy with Innisfree's new brand design

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Article: Innisfree changes logo after five years sparking petitions to go back

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+107] What is this design ㅜㅜ it looks like an MLM company now... 😢

2. [+54] What is this, it looks like Naver's logo

3. [+29] They look like a salad brand now

4. [+1] I don't really care as long as they keep the quality of the actual products ㅠㅠ especially for my favorites

5. [+1] I'm sure we'll get used to it soon enough

6. [+2] It's really pretty to me

7. [+1] I think it's fine?

8. [+1] It sucks

9. [+1] Reminds me of Benetton's logo


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