[Today] Documentary tracks down infamous bullies in student suicide mystery to see where they are now

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Article: From changing their names to getting plastic surgery... what are the bullies who caused the death of a Busan high schooler doing now?

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+3,751, -14] I saw this episode, and the bullies were total devils.. I wish they were given the punishment that they deserved. They got plastic surgery, changed their names... I hope they live out the rest of their lives in constant fear of being recognized for their crimes. This is the hell they've created for themselves.

2. [+2,058, -18] If the student had committed suicide like they're claiming, she would've fallen out the window head first but the victim landed on her legs... and was alive for 30 minutes after the fall, in which the teachers failed to call an ambulance in that time. The victim's last words were "I can't die, I feel too sorry for my mother."

3. [+1,040, -7] Most of the bullies featured in the episode are all living crappy lives~ you reap what you sow, and I hope they live the rest of their lives paying for it~

4. [+697, -12] Police are really doing a terrible job of initial investigations into bullying cases

5. [+295, -1] The four bully b*tches claim they did nothing wrong and yet they all got plastic surgery and changed their names... what was the need for that? Catch them all and reinvestigate it!

6. [+243, -2] And I hope their kids suffer the same consequences

7. [+163, -0] Feels unfair that these bullies are now policemen and flight attendants. Fire them all.

8. [+155, -0] From what I've gathered, it sounds like the bullies forced the student to hang on the outside of the veranda and left one guy to watch her while the others left to go to the other room. Then they kept scaring her to prevent her from climbing back in until she lost her strength and fell to her death.

9. [+146, -1] They can change their names and get plastic surgery but nothing will ever change their rotten attitudes. I hope they have children of their own and live the rest of their lives in fear of karma getting them.

10. [+141, -0] Anyone with a school bullying record should be banned from being able to change their name

11. [+76, -0] The husband of one of the bullies said, "In the end, nothing actually happened. Whether you think she was pushed to her death or she commit suicide, it was ultimately ruled as a suicide. So much time has passed but people keep trying to dig into it so it's only natural for us to want to avoid it." So why was your wife involved in something that she would have to "avoid" for the rest of her life?? It's so unfair that someone died and yet her bully gets to live on and get married like this. 

12. [+40, -0] People really are birds of a feather. Even her own husband is defending her.

13. [+35, -0] I can't believe bullies like them actually go on to get married. What kind of people are their partners?

14. [+30, -1] These people are no different from Yeonjin... living in fear of their children finding out but lashing out even more maliciously and without reflection because of that fear. The fact that these people killed someone and are sitting in PTA meetings like nothing's happened...

15. [+17, -2] They can fool everyone around them with their fake names and fake faces but the truth can never be changed. If they are guilty, they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.


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