[Today] The entertainment industry is getting stricter with contracts by including school bullying clauses

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Article: With companies losing hundreds of thousands in production expenses over celebrity bullying scandals, the industry is getting stricter with contracts

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+213] Anyone with school bullying on their record shouldn't even be allowed to step foot in the industry...

2. [+145] Well, we shouldn't be letting the bad guy get a good ending anyway...

3. [+30] I hope more agencies and trainee contracts include clauses about school bullying as well

4. [+79] This should've been the standard from the rest. Set contract terms so that you're completely screwed if you're ever caught with a history of school bullying. Force these people to buy 100 times the penalty fee so that they won't ever dream of crawling back on screen again.

5. [+55] What about people making up rumors out of malicious intent? Will stars be compensated for that?
- [+2] They can sue for defamation

6. [+165] As it should. You don't get to blossom your career after ruining the life of another. If you ruin someone's life, your own life should be thrown in the pits as well.

7. [+5] Audition shows need to do thorough investigations from now on, including interviews from their schools and former classmates.

8. [+7] The addition of contract clauses like this shouldn't be an issue for idols who are innocent anyway

9. [+25] Extend this so that school bullies can't find any type of employment at all

10. [+2] I know some people are going to want to be against this by saying "they were young, they were immature" but we were all young, we were all immature, and not all of us committed school violence. Anyone with a history of school bullying should never be allowed to be famous. Just live your life as plainly as you can before dying.

11. [+3] Need more extensive school records and a life portfolio.... 🙃

12. [+41] This is good. We have surpassed a world where these things can be excused as "immature" and "young". 


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