[Today] Fans grumble about SM's ticketing app charging 5,000 won for 'zero waste tickets'

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Article: SM's ticketing app charges 5,000 won for reservation fees

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+205] A physical ticket is one of the most precious memories a fan can keep.. I'd rather they cut costs by taking out all the paper extras in albums. You could probably print out 4-5 tickets with that cost instead. 

2. [+183] SM's hobby is breaking the backs of their fans

3. [+124] How can a commission fee cost 5,000 won, the f*ck

4. [+56] Why get rid of physical tickets at all... Please just get rid of all the advertisement papers in albums instead;

5. [+59] A paper ticket is one of the only things fans can keep to remember the precious memories of these concerts by... why would you take that away? Please just take out all the useless advertisement papers included in albums instead, no one even looks at those ㅋㅋ

6. [+45] Is SM going bankrupt soon or what?

7. [+12] Even Interpark doesn't charge such a fee

8. [+35] That's such a waste of money..!!!

9. [+3] Please ㅜ just take out the Lysn advertisement papers instead.. It's not like people were going to sign up for it just because it came included in their album..

10. [+3] Not all SM concerts are going to be like this... this one's for Onew's concert, who has an interest in climate change, which is why he's opting out of paper tickets. Other teams are still giving out paper tickets for birthday parties and concerts. 💭

11. [+9] Lee Sung Soo is really acting up, isn't he

12. [+28] Sung Soo-ya, this is not it..

13. [+5] Sung Soo needs to leave and bring back Soo Man Lee

14. [+1] What's the point of the commission fee at all? Just take out the audition papers if you need to make money or cut costs somewhere

15. [+3] If they care about zero waste so badly, they should start by producing less albums then

16. [+16] It's so clear how out of touch SM has become


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