[Today] 'Squid Game' Oh Young Soo denies harassment charges at first trial

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Article: 'Gganbu grandpa' Oh Young Soo, "Only held hands"... denies accusations in first trial

Source: Seoul Economy via Naver

1. [+1,543, -41] How do these scandals never come up when these stars aren't famous but they come up like weeds once they get a sniff of the money..

2. [+601, -29] Back in 2017, Oh-ssi was a no-name himself... If she had reported the incident then, it would've been resolved quickly and without media scandal. I'm curious as to her reasons why she waited until now...

3. [+326, -16] It's been six years~~ what has she been doing all this time? Is she jealous that he's famous now? Hungry for his money?

4. [+199, -13] Why not report him that summer? AWhy wait until 2021?

5. [+58, -3] All #metoo's only happen when there's money to be made ㅋ

6. [+43, -3] Why would a grandpa even want to hold her hand like that..?

7. [+39, -8] I understand that it was inappropriate of him to hug her and kiss her cheek, but is that really something to cause years of trauma over...?
- [+8, -4] Yes, it is traumatic ㅋㅋㅋ from a woman's perspective, it's disgusting... it makes you want to die from embarrassment and feelings of disgust, and yet we live in a society where attackers are able to live on without issue. That's what s*x crimes are. I think people in our country look at these things from only the perspective of the criminal...

8. [+65, -39] Asking to hug, to kiss... that's harassment. And I can understand her waiting this long to file the report since seeing him on her TV and in the news suddenly made her feel sick. Whether it's been five years or more, there should be no statute of limitations on a victim's experience. Don't be like this, guys!

9. [+25, -1] "Only held hands"... that kind of makes it hard for any of us to stay neutral when he says that

10. [+24, -5] None of this would've happened if Gganbu grandma never got famous. How unfortunate, but find strength.


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+330] But why report something that happened in 2017 only now? 

2. [+565] Reporting something that happened in 2017 in 2021... hmmm

3. [+801] Neutral

4. [+122] Why didn't she report it then? Why now, when he's famous?

5. [+195] So holding hands is harassment? What about someone's hair? Shoes? Shirt sleeve? It should be like the US where certain body parts are given harsher sentences, because you can't just be claiming s*xual harassment over your mood at the time... 

6. [+127] Now that he's famous and she sees the money, perhaps she suddenly feels embarrassed about what happened back then

7. [+63] I feel like he's being scammed ㅠ

8. [+245] No one knows the truth

9. [+623] If it happened in 2017, why report it in 2021? Why not when you had the evidence? 

10. [+14] I remember helping several grandmas and grandpas get to their destination by holding their hands... so were they all harassing me, too? I admit I did feel a bit taken aback when a grandpa held my hand but I think it's normal for most people to hold your hand when asking for help with directions. When I did volunteer work with the elderly, a lot of them would grab my hand and pat it...


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