[Today] Hwanhee denies 'We Got Married' being scripted

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Article: 'WGM' and their slew of 'scripted' rumors... Hwanhee reveals the truth 15 years later

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+569] I knew someone who worked as a PD in the industry so I remember asking if 'WGM' is scripted and he basically said what Hwanhee revealed, that the couples are told what the theme of the day is and they're on their own for the rest. People still refuse to believe that the show isn't scripted, and what can you really do when people absolutely refuse to believe you.
- [+63] It's true, the show really wasn't scripted. Joy and Yook Sungjae came to film at a restaurant I was waitressing at so I got to watch from the inside and they didn't have a script at all. They were behaving the same even when cameras weren't on! I was able to watch it all because they were filming for so long ㅎㅎ

2. [+364] Wow, he's still just as handsome as ever

3. [+88] Amazing that there wasn't a script and they were really just vibing off each other 👍 The show is still such a fun watch

4. [+36] I just assume that all variety shows are scripted regardless of what they say. What would be the point of having multiple PDs if not?
- [+201] Even a reality show needs multiple PDs ㅋㅋㅋㅋ especially when you don't know how the cast is going to behave one moment to the next. All of the staff on set need to be managed, the filmed content needs to be edited... there's more to the job of a PD than you think. 

5. [+11] So Crown J and Seo In Young fought for real then

6. [+114] There are still people who refuse to believe that it wasn't scripted no matter how many times people say the truth.. what're you guys, TaJinYo or something?

7. [+18] Whether it was scripted or not, all that matters is that the viewers were entertained ㅋㅋ just believe what you want to believe

8. [+3] Reminds me of all the scripted rumors for 'Infinity Challenge'. These shows all have general themes for the episode and but the members are left to themselves. 

9. [+5] He still looks so cool. I really enjoyed the Gaeddong couple. 

10. [+6] I wasn't necessarily his fan but I remember enjoying the Gaeddong couple the most out of 'WGM'


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