[Today] Is Kazuha being aloof with Le Sserafim?

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Video: Le Sserafim's Kazuha is an outcast?

Source: Sojang via YouTube

1. [+270] What I found the most shocking is when Heo Yoonjin shared on a radio show that her mother sent her a box of snacks and she never told the Japanese members and only ate it in secret with the other Korean members ㅋㅋㅋ Meanwhile, Sakura and Kazuha's parents have always taken care of the Korean members when they visited Japan, getting them all sorts of fruits and presents. I can't believe they'd even share this story while outcasting a member like this. Come to think of it, Heo Yoonjin is the one causing all the problems in this group, with the Yeonjoon scandal and all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+258] Kazuha is from the ballet world, and you don't survive that world without some fight in you. Despite her innocent face, I'm sure she has a really strong sense of pride and draws a clear line between work and play. I feel like she's the type who will hold back on most things until she's pushed to her limit which is when she gets really scary.

3. [+211] Kazuha never seemed like the type to get too close to people anyway. I watched her documentary of her ballet days and despite living with a roommate in her dorm, she didn't seem all that close to her at all. 

4. [+192] Kazuha has a face that Koreans absolutely love and go crazy for so I can see why she's doing so well on her own. Even if I were a CEO or an advertiser, Kazuha would be my first pick.

5. [+146] Kazuha is the perfect type of face that Koreans love so it's without question that she's getting all the solo deals ㅠ Hong Eunchae looks like Kim Sook, Kim Chaewon looks Vietnamese, and Heo Yoonjin has masculine features, why would they ever get solo ads... ㅎㅎ

6. [+177] Feels more like Kazuha is putting up a wall against the other members, not like the Suzy scandal at all. I feel bad for the other members.

7. [+168] Kazuha's basically that family member who only sends a Katalk for major holidays and ignores you the rest of the year. She's probably someone who has no interest in fostering social relationships... and Sakura seems pretty open about asking Kazuha for more attention so it doesn't seem like Kazuha's being mean or negative about it. It's just the way her personality is... no interest in people and probably a fear of getting too close as well. Though all of this does seem like Kazuha is not doing so well in the social aspect of her career.

8. [+110] Her personality just seems.. my way or the highway. I'm the same way so I can't say much. Since Kazuha gets annoyed at the members when they cross her line, they'll just have to learn to live with it ㅋㅋ the more they act all sad or annoyed with her, the more people are going to think there's something wrong with the group. I'm sure the members all understand that they need Kazuha since she's their most popular... so just let her be, and don't get too jealous of her.

9. [+137] She does seem a bit harsh, especially to Eunchae... the maknae and baby of the group ㅠ It's not like they're a large group of 10 members where her absence might not be missed. They're only four without her. Why would she ghost them and not even post the Music Bank MC congratulatory message like everyone else did. This is surely a Kazuha problem, no..?

10. [+89] I don't see her going down the acting career path since she's Japanese... I think she wants to pursue an influencer track like Joy or Soojin. Probably thinks she's too good for all this idol stuff, or she has a bias of idol work being beneath her. 

11. [+133] This is different from what happened with miss A. With miss A, the other members ignored Suzy because she was doing so much better than them... whereas here, Kazuha's ignoring the other members when she's doing so much better than them. Either way, an idol group without teamwork never lasts, and it's not like her popularity is guaranteed to last forever either. 

12. [+109] What kind of excuse can she even give for why she ghosted the maknae's birthday...? I feel bad for Hong Eunchae.

13. [+84] It's one or the other... she's busy dating someone or there really is something wrong with their relationships within the group

14. [+151] This is more of a Kazuha problem than a Le Sserafim problem. She's definitely putting up a wall between herself and the members, which is weird to me because Sakura is also Japanese so what's the deal?

15. [+50] Eunchae's first birthday since debut, I'd be upset too if a member ghosted me... It seemed like they were all trying to bond tighter together after Kim Garam left but Kazuha keeps keeping one foot out. Why wouldn't you post something about the Music Bank congratulations..


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