[Today] Jay Park's 'Won Soju' is slowing in sales

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Article: [Exclusive] 'Won Soju' has become a headache for GS25... not selling, pushing leftover stock

Source: Han via Nate

1. [+1,209, -29] They mispositioned their pricing. It's more expensive than soju but not that much better in terms of cost-effectiveness. At their prices, I'd rather drink Hwayo. Won Soju is somewhere in the middle between soju and Hwayo. They'd be more popular at a 5,000 won price point but they're not going to see more domestic demand than this.

2. [+1,018, -36] It doesn't taste good, Hwayo is way better

3. [+945, -19] I tried it once out of curiosity... but it's just too expensive. It'd make more sense if it was 5,000 won.

4. [+80, -0] If they wanted to price it that high, they needed to make it more exclusive

5. [+78, -20] Not like Jay Park has much of a brand here or is a name that people are going to buy soju for ㅋㅋ It was always meant to be another temporary Instagram trend like honey butter chips. I'd rather buy 5-6 bottles of soju instead.

6. [+70, -1] Just another brand that hipsters or impressionable young kids try for the hype until they realize the dent it's making in their wallets and go back to Chamisul. 

7. [+59, -3] Maybe because this was produced by non-professionals in the field but it tastes like makgeolli and yet is priced to be more expensive than Andong soju. If you want real soju, go with Hwayo. If you're looking for something cheap, go with Andong soju.

8. [+48, -0] Yeah, I much prefer 5 bottles of soju instead

9. [+47, -0] People only tried it at first because it was new ㅋㅋ no one is going to pay 13,000 won regularly to drink this

10. [+40, -2] I was shocked at how bad it tasted

11. [+35, -2] Hwayo's really good, though

12. [+35, -3] I had a feeling something was fishy when some random soju company founded by a rapper was acting like it was doing better than soju companies with decades of legacy

13. [+28, -2] We all knew this was going to be a flash in the pan...

14. [+24, -2] Anyone who's tried a sip of it knew that it was not going to last. Hwayo's much better.

15. [+18, -0] You can't compare a celebrity having an OEM manufacture something to professionals who've been doing this for decades. It's not even cheaper, either... It's just a company meant to cash out on a celebrity's name real quick.


Source: Naver

1. [+818, -13] Way too expensive for a soju

2. [+458, -10] It's expensive and doesn't taste good

3. [+245, -16] Hwayo >>> Won Soju

4. [+212, -17] Let's be real, who would want to buy something on par with the quality of Chamisul for 14,900 won? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+57, -5] It's expensive and tastes horrible


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