[Today] Jungkook explains his tattoos and his resolve to keep them despite criticisms

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 Article: BTS Jungkook says he has no intention of getting rid of tattoos at criticisms of "excessive tattoos"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+119] Jun Jungkook, pursue everything that you wish

2. [+47] Who do these people think they are to be calling it excessive? All that matters is that he likes them.

3. [+20] I think there will come a day where he regrets them... but I still think it's wrong to tell him to erase them when he got them because he wanted them~ it's his individual freedom of expression and style~!

4. [+7] I'm a Jungkook fan and I think the people accusing him of influencing his young fans into getting tattoos is seeing his fans in a very narrow light. Fans have their own agency, and Jungkook got his tattoos for his own reasons, which no one should have an opinion on. Not sure why non-fans think they need to be ordering him around like this. 

5. [+6] Unless it's an issue of ethics, I don't think anyone should be forcing their opinion on what others do. Mind your own business.. 

6. [+21] He's free to do whatever he wants but considering that he's a celebrity, he should understand that there's a line when it comes to these matters, and when that line is crossed, you will be talked about by the public. I don't know where or how he got those tattoos but all tattoos in our country are illegal unless you get one from a tattooist with an MD license at a hospital, which makes me question how this falls in line with the 'positive influence' that BTS is always trying to impart in our country. The exposure of his tattoos were always going to be a divisive topic with the public, especially when there are questions of legality involved as well. It's the cost of fame. If he was not famous, he could get a swear word tattooed across his forehead and no one would care, especially not fandoms all over the world or internet communities and SNS like it is now. 

7. [+7] Just leave him alone, sick of people telling him what to do

8. [+10] I like them, what's the issue? 

9. [+27] People care way too much about business that isn't theirs. He got them because he wanted them, and if he were to ever regret them, that would be on him... he paid for them, didn't hurt anyone else with this decision, so why are people leaving hate comments about it at all? How pathetic is your own life that you feel the need to take issue with something that has nothing to do with you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+29] Well, he's free to do what he wants, but as a public figure, he should know what moderation means as well! Especially as an idol of an impressionable age group!

11. [+36] Leave him be~ He won't realize it now... but tattoos like his always end up being regrets later in life and erased 😂😂😂 He'll realize it when he's getting them erased... that he never should've gotten them in the first place.

12. [+2] A real Jungkook fan wouldn't tell him to get them erased because they would respect his decisions. Let me just remind everyone that a celebrity is not the public's puppet. Did Jungkook getting his tattoos cause you to get beat up or something? Just mind your own business. You're never going to see him in your entire life so keep your opinions to yourself, especially if you're not even a fan.


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