[Today] Kang Min Kyung denies association with her father and brother's crimes, reveals they are estranged

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Article: Kang Min Kyung announces official statement in response to news of her father and older brother's scams "I have cut contact with them"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+2,139] Not sure what the point is of taking up the wrongs of her family up with her; there are so many people who are estranged from their families

2. [+1,692] Just keep going, life is all about holding on

3. [+762] Aigoo ㅜ This really must be a cursed year for Kang Min Kyung.. what a tiring life as a celebrity ㅠㅠ

4. [+186] If it's her father and brother who committed the crimes, go take it up with them. There are so many celebrities who have to suffer because of the wrongdoings of their families like Ahn Jung Hwan, Jang Yoon Jung, and Jo Yeo Jung.

5. [+304] Family issues can be such a great deal of pain for a lot of people, does it really make you happy to leave hate comments to someone about their family like this..?

6. [+170] Seems like a lot of families that end up with a celebrity in the family love sticking their straws into their backs;;;; 😢

7. [+66] I'm sure it was very difficult to have to come forward about a family history she probably wanted to kept hidden... I'll always support you! It may be hard but keep holding on.

8. [+180] Stories like this get around because they're famous... but dysfunctional families are actually quite common among non-celebrity families as well

9. [+39] They must've been really terrible for her to cut contact with them

10. [+92] You really have to be scum to use your own child's name to run your scams like this

11. [+14] Quite common for families to be less closer than strangers. Sometimes I'm so embarrassed to even introduce my own family to people. I feel bad for people going through the same thing...

12. [+18] Another celebrity with no luck when it comes to their parents... find strength 🙌


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