[Today] 'SNL Korea' criticized for parody of 'The Glory' hair iron scene

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Article: 'SNL' parodies the school violence in 'The Glory' by doing a hair iron check on dried fish... reactions say they crossed the line

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+233] Korea's a difficult country to live in... 🔥

2. [+144] It wouldn't be 'SNL' if they cared what people were going to think

3. [+78] They still should've thought about this from the perspective of the victims...

4. [+133] I don't think this is an appropriate topic to be used for humor... How could anyone understand the pain of your own flesh being burnt... ㅠㅠ

5. [+39] I know everyone is quick to call things 'triggering' these days but this is a line that should not have been crossed...

6. [+142] This crossed the line. You should not be turning the pain of a victim into something to laugh at like this.. A drama like 'The Glory' being a hit should be an opportunity to reinforce the idea that bullying is bad. It makes me feel bitter that people are instead using the pain of others to feel joy over like this.

7. [+19] Someone's flesh was burnt! Since when was that a topic light enough to be used for comedy? Can we please stop crossing the line under the guise of "artistic freedom"?!!!!!

8. [+6] Well technically, 'SNL' is parodying the drama, not necessarily the real life bullying case

9. [+15] A gag is no longer a gag once you cross the line... It's only a gag when everyone enjoys it together. I don't think the victim of this scandal will feel too good about this...

10. [+73] I'm not one who's easily triggered... and I've actually been enjoying 'SNL' these days, but this hair iron scene.. It's a real case that happened in 2006 😭 The parody of it did catch me off guard... especially knowing that Kim Eun Sook had really clear intentions with wanting to write about something so important, I don't think 'SNL' should've included it ㅠ

11. [+9] Yeah, this was a bit too much to be able to laugh at...

12. [+8] They could've parodied anything else but this... this trauma will forever be remembered by the victims

13. [+7] I also thought 'SNL' was toeing the line too far ㅜ

14. [+12] Killing the victims twice

15. [+3] Humor is never right if it comes at the expense of someone's pain. You can call me 'easily triggered' or whatever but I stand by my words. We need to allow some topics to remain serious and heavy.


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