[Today] Kyeon Miri opens up after 13 years about husbands' securities fraud scandal in defense of future son-in-law Lee Seung Gi

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Article: Criticism outpour on future son-in-law Lee Seung Gi... Kyeon Miri sets out to clarify stock manipulation + pyramid scheme accusations

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+7,807, -79] So I read what she said in the interview... and she says that she thought people would forget about all of this once enough time had passed, and I find that such an irresponsible way to live. She claims she bought their house with her own money, but I truly wonder how much of his money was separate from hers as a married couple, and if she is truly confident that not a cent of his money was spent on raising her two daughters? Yoo Bi-ssi, Da In-ssi, you two have never had to give up a dream because you didn't have the money for it, right? You got to pursue all your education, vacations, hobbies with an easy life, at least from what we can see through what you've shown... I'm sure the children of the victims you scammed had dreams of their own. Hobbies they wanted to pursue... a lot of them. There are some things in this world that even "enough time passing" cannot restore. Your hope for your husband's crimes to be forgotten is your own poisonous greed.

2. [+5,159, -43] Her daughters are suffering the karma of their parents' crimes. Still, I can't help but think of the pain their victims must feel having to see their faces on TV. Sigh.

3. [+4,875, -110] Seung Gi-ya, you're a disappointment. 

4. [+4,740, -45] What you committed were not mistakes. They were crimes.

5. [+1,613, -69] To think that the nation's son, the nation's son-in-law... is now the son-in-law with a Kyeon daughter... tsk.

6. [+1,544, -5] So many of your victims commit suicide. Is it really too much to just ask you to stay quiet? To stay off of TV and not show off your ultra-luxurious home with elevators on every floor, with decked out princess rooms and closets? Considering all that you've done and shown, how do you expect the public to accept Lee Seung Gi's decision?

7. [+1,274, -11] Never have I seen a wedding announcement with so little congratulations like this. Everyone knows he can do better, that his squeaky clean image is now getting hate. It's amazing that everyone is unanimously against this, and it's just further evidence of what a huge crime Kyeon Miri's family has committed.

8. [+1,139, -12] They are both adults. They are choosing to marry each other because they are birds of the same feather. It's no wonder he was taken as a fool by his own agency.

9. [+1,110, -14] I don't get the people who feel so bad for Lee Seung Gi. What you saw of him was only a made up image for TV. It's not like he's marrying her without knowing what her family has done so why are you worried for such a man? In the end, he chose someone who he believes is his own match...

10. [+896, -7] How can she claim there was a misunderstanding in a case that resulted in a prison sentence? You are a household of criminals. Your daughters' biological father and step-father are both criminals ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's amazing that they've even been able to step foot in the celebrity industry, show off all their riches, and somehow seduce a celebrity of their own to marry


Source: Naver

1. [+1,641, -8] And yet it says right there in the news article that your husband served three years for violating the Capital Markets Act and two years again for committing the same crime;

2. [+1,381, -7] How does someone "innocent" receive a three year prison sentence..

3. [+890, -50] Lee Seung Gi is one of them now. They're the type of people who are willing to do anything if it makes them money.

4. [+792, -19] Lee Seung Gi's already got his future MIL blowing wind out for him like this~ I heard he also changed his religion for Kyeon Miri~ what a surprise all of this is. I can't imagine how upset his parents must feel ㅜ

5. [+374, -2] If he's innocent like you claim, why was he in jail? I just... can't believe Lee Seung Gi would choose this, especially after being a victim to a scam himself...


Article: 'Lee Seung Gi MIL' Kyeon Miri's clarification comes 13 years too late "We are victims of a scam as well"

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+1,288, -16] What an odd lady. Your husband did nothing wrong, never committed stock manipulation, and yet he had to serve time in prison?? He's a victim but had to go to prison??

2. [+829, -21] Funny how Lee Seung Gi treats his agency CEO as the worst human on earth for failing to pay him 5 billion won but he finds no issue with his future in-laws who have built billions of billions of won through all sorts of criminal means

3. [+456, -8] ㅋㅋㅋ... so whose money are you living lavishly off of right now, then?

4. [+405, -3] Since when did a "victim" have to go to jail?

5. [+195, -0] The trial ended with your husband receiving a prison sentence... those were not "suspicions", that's called a "criminal conviction".

6. [+180, -1] Your husband's scam is considered one of the most horrific crimes against citizens since the reign of Dangun, which led to so many suicides and deaths. And he did this twice. So shameless of you. You're living off of the money he scammed out of people right now. You know that, shamelessly. How do you think the victims of those families feel right now having to watch Lee Seung Gi marry into your family??

7. [+173, -1] What a load of bullsh*t!! He was the promotional director of a pyramid scheme company who lured the elderly into emptying out their retirement accounts to invest in your company only for them to all end in suicide!! Where's your clarification for that!! How many indirect murders were you responsible for!!!

8. [+149, -3] Seung Gi, you loser, you can screw right off

9. [+143, -2] She's disgusting... Never let her show her face on TV again. Prison is a place that only criminals go to. Lee Seung Gi disgusts me just as much as her and he should just retire from the industry at this point.

10. [+65, -1] If your family's the victim, then why did your husband go to jail?


ArticleKyeon Miri "Through this confession of my heart, I want to ask for forgiveness"

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+1,438] The Glory: I already repented for what I did for you and received redemption

2. [+1,284] She may as well have never given this interview at all because what did she actually clarify? Does she think all those victims randomly spawned out of the sky? Can she really, hand over her heart, claim that she did not spend a cent of her husband's money on her kids? She remains in the top 5 of the richest stock celebrities still, and it's a bitter feeling to hear her still say all this

3. [+928] Lee Seung Gi's really just having the worst year of his life..

4. [+358] I felt horrible for Lee Seung Gi when I saw what he was going through with his agency but now that I see who he's marrying, I've realized that he's nothing but a fool. You make your own life in the end, but what a shame...

5. [+510] You can only be truly forgiven if the dead victims you killed come back to forgive you... You cannot ask for forgiveness through an interview like this because what is the point?

6. [+129] I don't think there's anything you actually clarified ㅎㅎ

7. [+358] One of the biggest reasons why parents need to lead good lives... because it all passes down to the kids

8. [+84] She claims she can't "explain everything one by one" but isn't that because you know you'll be exposed if you tried???

9. [+115] How is she calling this a clarification when nothing was proven or clarified? He committed embezzlement, so where is that money now? Why don't you transparently reveal where all that money went? Because I'm sure we wouldn't be holding you responsible for it if you were able to prove where that money went????

10. [+291] Her interview summary: She doesn't know where the embezzled money went because it's company funds (and she still never says where it ended up going). Regarding his stock manipulation suspicions, she claims the truth is different from what happened at the trial but feels "too cautious to talk about it". Her interview is basically a nothingburger.


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+149] You are such a mess

2. [+119] False rumors? How do you explain his nine criminal records?

3. [+71] She must have so much love for her son-in-law, though I'm sure the truth will be revealed soon enough

4. [+45] Aigoo, better watch my words, then~~ lest I be sued by her ㅠㅠ 🔥🔥

5. [+43] Ugh I seriously can't stand any of them

6. [+33] Is this a threat? Because we can just open an investigation into your bank accounts and find out for ourselves

7. [+20] I really wonder if this is a marriage of love or transaction

8. [+111] Your husband's innocent but served three years? ㅋㅋ What a good laugh! Kyeon-ssi, please know your place.

9. [+65] She stayed quiet all these years but now that she must accept Lee Seung Gi as her son-in-law, it's obvious she's trying to switch up the perception of her family but it's too late and people won't change their minds...

10. [+22] I'll believe it if you can prove that you didn't spend even a penny of your husband's money


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