[Today] Lee Kyung Shil recveives heat for making inappropriate comments about Lee Je Hoon's body on radio show

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Article: "Drinking water flowing down a cleavage purifies it into mineral water" Lee Kyung Shil under controversy for making sexual harassment comment on 'Cultwo Show'

Source: Seoul News via Naver

The cast was discussing a scene from Lee  Je Hoon's drama where a close-up of a topless scene showing his muscled torso came up on the screen, prompting Lee Kyung Shil to comment, "Do you see the cleavage between his chest right there. If you were to flow water down that cleavage and drink it at the bottom, that water would become mineral water. It purifies it right there. The water begins purifying at his adam's apple and becomes mineral water as it travels down."


1. [+1,153, -14] Imagine if a gagman in his fifties had told a female idol that drinking water from her cleavage means the water is pure? The answer as to whether the statement is controversial or not becomes clear once you switch the genders. 

2. [+270, -1] The times have long changed. You have to think before you say things like this, especially if you don't want to be put on the chopping block.

3. [+136, -0] I was listening to this on the radio while driving and I was surprised to hear her say it. What would've happened if she had been a man who said this? People would be in an uproar... Even if it's just a joke, she's a public figure and should be more careful. I'm tired of having to listen to Lee Kyung Shil and Jo Hye Ryeon on shows.

4. [+94, -0] She struggled for so long to get back the industry, she should've been more careful. Sometimes there's a reason some people are constantly struggling in their lives and the fault usually lies with them.

5. [+77, -1] It's unfair to say that ajummas make lewd jokes like this all the time. I'm an ajumma in my sixties and not only do I not make such jokes but I've never heard anyone else make them either. 

6. [+65, -0] Embarrassing... How can she even say something like that with a straight face ㅡ.ㅡ and I don't get why people are excusing her just because Lee Je Hoon didn't say anything. What did you expect him to do? Express outrage right there? I'm sure he felt grossed out as well..

7. [+49, -1] Need to start banning people like Lee Kyung Shil, Jo Hye Ryeon, and Park Narae from TV

8. [+43, -0] How can you even think of saying that on a radio show... I'd be too embarrassed to even say it in private

9. [+40, -1] Sometimes age just doesn't equate to maturity

10. [+36, -0] Ajumma, what're you saying in your private life that you think this is appropriate for a public platform;;;; what a pervert;;;; 

11. [+20, -2] This is akin to if Kim Gura had told Black Pink's Jennie "I want to drink water flowing down your cleavage" what do you think would happen?

12. [+14, -0] The more problematic issue is that there was someone who looked like a choding in the audience when she said this. She even goes as far as to say that all women would feel the same, like no, unless those types of women are the only ones you hang out with. It seems like women like her have no problem saying these things because they think younger actors like Lee Je Hoon are easy targets but even Pyo Yejin and Lee Je Hoon looked embarrassed to death. Kim Tae Kyun needs to learn to read the room, especially since this isn't the first time a situation like this has happened on 'Cultwo Show' and I think they really need to start waking up.


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