[Today] Lee Naeun returns to SNS after two years

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Article: Lee Naeun to make actress transformation, returns to SNS after 2 years

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+254] It seems like she was wrongfully accused so it's great that she's coming back but... I think the main obstacle will be whether her acting's improved at all.

2. [+32] Still upset that she lost out on 'Taxi Driver'
- [+95] Pyo Yejin was way better for the role
- [+43] Pyo Yejin was too good. In comparison, Lee Naeun's acting looked pretty bad, and I never thought of her as a bad actor before that

3. [+218] I remember she was wrongfully accused

4. [+32] But hasn't there been nothing clarified still? 

5. [+56] I wish her nothing but a flower path 🌸

6. [+97] Hard to call her a bully considering how the victim's story didn't really check out either...

7. [+36] Flower path for you

8. [+5] Naeun fighting ㅜ thank you for coming back 💗

9. [+9] Looking pretty, Naeun-ah


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