[Today] Lee Seung Gi in talks for purchasing ultra-luxurious newlywed home

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Article: Lee Seung Gi's newlywed home is a 'hot pick' for the rich

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+2,296, -794] I remember when he first debuted, he had such an innocent and clean image, but I always felt like something was off, especially when it was found that he's close friends with Jung Jun Young. Something about his eyes just looked off to me. Then when he finally came out with news that he's marrying into the infamous Kyeon family, I realized that he's not a very normal guy. 

2. [+1,222, -40] Kyeon's current husband went to jail for stock manipulation. Her whole family is a criminal organization.

3. [+866, -31] He's marrying a woman who basically got her entire face reworked, dressed in luxury goods, off the stolen money of other people. You should never marry such a woman... especially as a victim of a scam yourself. Seung Gi is being very blind to how severe this issue is.

4. [+754, -24] Must feel nice having an in-law who's good at stock manipulation

5. [+524, -32] Such a waste of Seung Gi~~~

6. [+311, -0] Kyeon Miri, enough with your riches.. sell it all and pay back the victims your husband scammed

7. [+249, -8] When he first started donating all that money, I was thinking why... because he has more to spare? But then news of his wedding came out and I realized.. yes.. he's trying to clean up Kyeon Miri's family image. What a shame, because his image before he enlisted was way better than what it is now.

8. [+237, -4] He will one day learn... why assessing your partner's household is such an important factor in marriage

9. [+229, -4] I just don't get how you can get scammed and then marry into a family of scammers

10. [+178, -4] He's basically marrying into a family that's more evil than the Hook CEO. That's probably why he was so adamant about donating money and "fighting for justice" with his lawsuits. He better shut up about all of it now because he's proven that it was never about being scammed in the end otherwise he could never marry a family that has scammed so many others too.

11. [+174, -11] He's going to end up like Kwon Sang Woo... forgotten. I feel like his fans will be heavily against this marriage because of how clean his image has been all this time, but as the saying goes, they're birds of a feather..

12. [+131, -2] Quickly on the decline to being a disliked celebrity

13. [+117, -2] So disappointed in him... So many people have commit suicide because of what this family did, so many victims lost huge sums of money... So shameless of them to be living off blood money like that in luxury. Can't imagine how upsetting Seung Gi's parents must feel, to have to watch a son they raised to be better than this walk straight into the doors of hell...

14. [+110, -0] Did he not see how Microdot was kicked out of the industry? Because his parents committed scams. Lee Seung Gi's wife and sister-in-law should be kicked out the same way.

15. [+69, -1] His scandal with Hook is just aegyo compared to the controversy surrounding his in-laws... There is said to have been 300,000 victims involved in their scandal.


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