[Today] Lee Seung Gi makes another big donation to KAIST

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 Article: Lee Seung Gi donates 300 million won to KAIST... 2.85 billion won in total donations in a month

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+2,433, -10] He's an amazing person, that's all I can say. Truly a strong person. I will continue to take an interest in his future career and show him my support. This whole scandal has caused me to become a fan.

2. [+1,176, -3] It's never an easy thing to share with others no matter how much more you have. It's also not something that's expected either. I don't like or hate him but this scandal has taught me that he's an amazing person through and through. Despite all the emotional suffering, I hope he's able to brush it all off and enjoy a new year filled with good things.

3. [+979, -4] He's a big giver. It's rare to see a celebrity like him just drop such large amounts at a time... It's a difference in mindset.

4. [+342, -2] Amazing... and not something that anyone can do! At such large amounts~ He's a celebrity deserving of respect.

5. [+90, -1] All those celebrities playing with their buildings and land should learn something from him

6. [+79, -0] Amazing.. there is no end to human greed and yet he's of a different mindset. I support him~!!

7. [+75, -1] He will be free from hate until his death

8. [+70, -1] 2.85 billion won in a month... That's a huge amount to donate no matter how much extra money you have. He has my respect.

9. [+52, -2] Seung Gi the God..

10. [+51, -2] Even as a popular celebrity, this is still a lot of money. It should never be seen as regarded as something ordinary.

11. [+38, -1] He is a person of character, a person deserving of respect. It doesn't matter how much money anyone has, this is never an easy thing to do.

12. [+37, -0] I genuinely wish for luck to follow him always


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