[Today] Liz answers fan question about her diet controversy

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Video: IVE Liz's reaction to a fan asking about her diet controversy

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

Liz had replied, "I'm okay now. I'm always happy thanks to our Dive."

1. [+167] Even though she says she's okay now, I think it had to have been difficult for her to get through it because of how severe the hate comments were about her weight... But I feel a lot better seeing her smile like this. I'm always on your side, and you're such a needed member of IVE. Don't let the comments stress you out ㅜㅜ..

2. [+123] Liz has got it all... one of the only vocals in a group like IVE that lacks live vocalists, and dancing skills to boot. I support you!

3. [+69] Liz and Rei lead IVE in terms of vocal skills... Dieting, sure, it's a half obligation since she's an idol and all, but singing and dancing skills are a must as an idol. Since idols are about music after all, their singing and dancing skills should come first, and I think it's wrong that the market prioritizes their looks first instead. Sure, being beautiful is nice, but you can't expect everyone to be perfect.

4. [+35] I hope Liz doesn't get hurt by comments like taht.. She's already so pretty as she is

5. [+33] Liz fighting! You're so good at singing, dancing, and looking beautiful ㅠ don't let the haters hurt you ㅠㅠ

6. [+42] Liz is so pretty that she can gain weight and still look pretty and cute

7. [+26] She only gained a bit of weight during 'Love Dive' but the issue here are the haters who left comments about it, not Liz herself. I remember in the beginning of IVE's debut when Liz said she would cry if anyone left a hate comment... Liz fighting!!

8. [+27] Liz is not fat... she's just gained some temporary weight. I think the controversy is also fueled by having to be next to Jang Wonyoung, which only makes her look bigger..

9. [+12] Aigoo, I'm sure she's gone through enough emotional suffering over it. I'm not an IVE fan but I think Liz is on the skinny side... I'd be upset if people kept calling me fat when I'm skinny. It's not good that she's already getting so much hate when she's only 20 years old. Please think before you comment, people.

10. [+3] She's still young and needs to eat well to have the stamina for their schedules... eat healthy things and promote actively~~~

11. [+23] Isn't Liz skinny and pretty as she is?
- [+13] She's pretty but not skinny by any means
- [+1] I do admit she's a bit on the bigger side compared to idols these days

12. [+2] Liz has gained weight since her debut... I'll admit... but I don't think it's fair to compare her to Jang Wonyoung. I do notice that haters are also photoshopping her to look bigger than she actually is. I will admit that as an idol, she should be managing her weight better.. Being skinny and pretty is a must for an idol. Just look at Jang Wonyoung... she has no talent and a lot of attitude issues but her fans shield her against everything. It's just how society is. Liz should lose some weight if she wants the hate to stop.. Love you, Liz.. 

13. [+16] Liz is Liz and Wonyoung is Wonyoung. Liz is not fat, just normal weight. It's unfair to constantly be comparing her to someone so much skinnier.

14. [+5] I think it was rude of the fan to even ask her about her diet controversy in a facetime call fanmeet, it's almost like they wanted her to feel bad about it
- [+5] Yeah, I really didn't think there was a need for the fan to mention it at all..

15. [+2] It's just some gain in the face... but people are taking bad screenshots and hating on her with it. I hope you all get karma back.


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