[Today] Lovelyz's Jin apologizes for exposing idol dating culture on her Q&A

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Article: Lovelyz Jin talks about idol dating culture

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

"People... no matter how busy and tired idols are, the ones who want to will do it in secret. Most agencies won't really stop you as long as you're years into your debut and you're at a point where you won't cause any big scandal over it. They just want you to be careful about getting caught. As for trainees, since it's a preparation period for debut, I have seen them get kicked out over it. (Do idols fall for each other at music shows?) There's a lot of opportunity to meet other singers at music shows since the first week of your comeback is usually when you have to pass out your CD to the other idols. Some will fall for one another during those times, or when all the idols come out to line up in the halls to greet the PDs, they can fall for each other there since we're all in the hall looking at each other. The idol world is so small that we're all connected to each other through a degree or two. I think there are more cases where one will have a crush on the other and ask a friend to introduce them. And of course, there's the one location that I'm sure fans are aware of. Idol Athletics Championship is known as the cupid spot for idols, and yes, it's true. They'll make eyes at each other or share notes with their numbers on them."


1. [+206] I always found it gross how idols were expected to line up in the halls to greet the PDs, I wonder if that's still the norm? Especially since they don't even do such outdated things in the military
- [+7] Whatever the case, I wish idols wouldn't have to do it

2. [+74] Didn't everyone expect this to be the response, though? We all know that idols have to pass out CDs and obviously everyone knows 'IAC' to be the hook up spot... 

3. [+55] I'd rather not have known about this..

4. [+10] Heh... yeah... sure... just don't get caught and don't cause any scandals... I know you all date anyway...

5. [+9] Meanwhile her groupmate Mijoo said she's never seen anyone hit on each other at 'IAC', they're telling two different stories ㅋㅋ

6. [+71] Before you all go blaming her, all of this is public knowledge and she's just reiterating what most of us already know.. what's so wrong about that? I'm actually more curious about the fans who would rather not know. Do you think that you actually have a chance with these idols if they stay out of relationships? Wake up. Idols should be allowed to date as long as it doesn't affect their careers and as long as they aren't dating harmful people. If you're a real fan, you should want your idol to live a normal life. These people were never your boyfriends or girlfriends. News of them dating should not make your "heart drop". You thinking like that is actually selfish and makes you no different than the people who make up rumors and lies about their favorite idols once they stop catering to their whims and wishes. As much as K-Pop is growing and advancing, so must their fans. 

7. I feel like I've been hearing this same story for the past 10 years

8. I thought she was Han Seohee...

9. All you fangirls, the money you give your oppas is being spent on taking their pretty girlfriends to hotels 😂

10. Sure... just... don't get caught. Though I do admit my heart drops whenever I see news of my biases in dating scandals...


Source: Issue King TV via YouTube

1. [+686] It's odd to expect young beautiful and handsome kids to not be dating each other

2. [+370] The only people who are uncomfortable with something so natural and normal = people who are delusional to think they're dating these idols

3. [+236] No matter how much you like an idol, you are not entitled to their dating life. The right thing to do with dating news is to just congratulate them. 

4. [+336] I don't even get why people are mad at her, it's not like she leaked a list of idol names and who they're dating. She just said that "idols who want to date will date~" so why are people mad?

5. [+113] In a room full of beautiful and handsome people ㅋㅋㅋ I don't know what else you would expect~

6. [+82] I know we'll probably never get there and it's just wishful thinking but I do hope we reach a day where idols are allowed to date freely... 

7. [+54] The only people who are dating on her are the delusional ones who think "my bias would never do this" ㅋㅋ

8. [+48] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She was not out of line for this at all. Idols seem to think that they're really good at hiding this kind of stuff but the first people to catch on to their relationship are their own fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ fans are the ones who started the meme about idols buying cars to start dating ㅋㅋㅋ When I heard Jin's answer, I figured that most fans would've already known all this stuff so I didn't think it'd be such an issue, which I still don't understand why it's become such an issue?

9. [+38] I just don't see why she should be attacked over this answer

10. [+25] I suppose we all knew this to be true, just didn't need it to be so explicit...

11. [+22] With how mad people were getting, I thought she actually dropped names or something ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel like she hasn't said anything we haven't already heard from other former idols on TV anyway

12. [+3] But we all knew this to be true, no? That idols fall in love with each other while working in the same spaces? The only people mad are the fans living in fantasy land while denying reality ㅎ

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