[Today] Min Hee Jin is batch suing hate comments

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Article: Ador is taking legal action against comments crossing the line about New Jeans

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

Various posts on online communities have been sprouting up about being served legal action by Adore for hate comments. Many of them claim that Adore is specifically targetting only women who left comments about Min Hee Jin's lolita controversy. 

Post 1: "The lawsuit isn't about Cookie. It's about (a comment I left) way before. When we were talking about her interior decorations and her Instagram feed or whatever. I left a comment saying she seemed to have a lot of interest in lolita, and I'm getting sued over that one line. I didn't say any swears or talk about any other topic." 

Post 2: "Wow... Just got a call from the police. Apparently Min Hee Jin is filing a batch of lawsuits over theqoo comments. They told me to come in; I've never experienced something like this. I didn't write any swear words and deleted my comment after I posted it...."

Post 3: "I didn't write any swears either. Even the police I spoke to said this was an awkward situation. As long as anyone wrote anything slightly negative on theqoo, she's suing them. I deleted mine not long after I posted it so I don't even remember what I wrote." 

Post 3: "If Min Hee Jin is batch suing, seems like people are getting contacted over comments that aren't even that bad?"

Post 4: "I heard Min Hee Jin is active on monitoring communities, I guess it's true"

Post 5: "Surely a CEO with her own legal team isn't suing people over nothing, right?"


1. [+542] Why would she only sue women... use your brains. Honestly, the fact that they're even thinking that they're being targeted for being women makes me think their comments probably deserve a lawsuit.

2. [+401] If only they didn't leave comments deserving of a lawsuit in the first place...

3. [+156] Just... don't leave hate comments. No one's asking you to? You won't get sued if you don't leave comments, right? Do you guys have a brain? Use it for once.

4. [+60] It was probably a coincidence that the majority of them happened to be women. These communities need to be stopped.

5. [+76] From a man's perspective, there's no reason for men to go out of their way to hate on a pretty group
- [+12] There's no one gender that is responsible for hate comments. As for this case, they just happened to be women. Most women love beautiful women more than men do ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+32] Disturbing to me that they don't see anything wrong with leaving comments about lolita to a group of minors... I hope they pay the price of the lawsuit

7. [+245] She's not only targeting women... they just happen to be women now that the lawsuits are out ㅋㅋ Most men don't even know who Min Hee Jin is, and most don't leave comments on Instagram feeds. They never cared about the lolita stuff. It's funny how they don't think that the comments they left are problematic but being sued as women is. 

8. [+36] How do they not see that accusing someone of being a p*do is not a hateful thing to say about someone? 

9. [+8] Why would you even leave a comment accusing her of being interested in lolita anyway... stupid, tsk tsk

10. [+14] So why'd you comment that stuff? ㅋㅋㅋ


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