[Today] New York Times analyzes why Koreans are keeping their masks on after end of mask mandates

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Article: NYT reports on why Koreans are keeping their masks on even after mask mandate ends

Source: Insight via Instagram [Original New York Times article here]

1. [+421] Well, it's warm in the winter... and it's a protective measure against COVID

2. [+254] I like that I don't catch colds anymore ㅋ and you're less cold in the winter with it on

3. [+126] I feel naked without a mask now... 😢

4. [+167] I'm too lazy to put on makeup anymore so I keep it on.. ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+66] It's too cold, I'm keeping mine on

6. [+33] I think most people are keeping it on because they're too lazy to take it on and off everywhere they go. I also feel self-conscious if I'm the only one without one on.

7. [+93] I also think Koreans are more self-conscious of each other. I do admit it's really comfortable to not have to wear one indoors anymore.

8. [+22] Way more pros to keeping my mask on. Less cold, and I don't have to wear more make-up. 

9. [+779] Just leave people be to wear one or not, don't let anyone's decision shake you

10. [+14[ Masks are so warm in the winter.....


Article: NYT speculates on a few reasons why Koreans are keeping their masks on

Source: Seoul Economy via Naver

1. [+882, -26] I wear mine because it's cold

2. [+543, -5] #1 It's cold #2 fine dust #3 my face is ugly #4 in case I catch covid #5 just because #6 I'm lazy #7 gotta use up the masks I've stocked up on

3. [+294, -18] The best part about masks is that I can leave the house without washing my face or shaving

4. [+247, -26] I can't stand how ugly I look without a mask now

5. [+195, -6] Fine dust is still really bad, it's easier to leave my mask on

6. [+85, -8] People will start to take it off once the weather warms up and it's officially declared an endemic

7. [+68, -7] I like keeping mine. But please don't bother others about not wearing one.

8. [+50, -4] It's cold without one

9. [+47, -10] I think it's because we're a collectivist society. You're going to be the odd one out if you're not wearing one and feel self-conscious over it.

10. [+44, -15] I've always worn mine even before the pandemic because of all the fine dust. I always found the West's aversion to masks so strange, and I find it annoying that the West keeps trying to analyze what we do based on their own cultural standards. Westerners, please improve your hygiene. I still don't get why they wear their shoes in their homes either...


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